2012 General Convention Needs

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Dear All,

Our General Convention begins on 22nd Sunday evening. From 23-25 we have worker’s and clergy conference. 26th is the Sabha Dinam. We have public meeting on all evenings day time public meeting will begin from Thursday Morning. We expect 350 workers in this conference. All together we may have to give 500 free tickets per meal. Besides the worker’s, we give free food to people coming from mission fields and other needy people. Last year we spent Rs. 360,000/- for food. This year we expect Rs. 400,000/- towards food expenses. Please see the attachment also. I request that you may give the Board Evangelistic Work a reasonable contribution to meet this expenditure. Please send your contributions to Treasurer, Board for Evangelistic Work, STECI, Tiruvalla. May God richly bless you. Looking forward to hear from you. If you have already sent a contribuiton towards General Convention expenses please ignore this mail.

Special request to Dear Achens, Please collect an amount from your parsih and send to the Board.

Yours in His Grace,

Rev Mathews Abraham Puthuppallil

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