The Board of Evangelistic work is the missionary wing of the church. The Board coordinates and supervises the mission fields, mission tours, distribution of gospel tracts, bible distribution, bible classes, outreach programmes, etc.

Mission & Vision

The basic objectives of this board are to demonstratre God’s Love, bring the Gospel to all people groups in India, to train, equip and empower frontline evangelists and native missionaries to reach the unreached and to enlist all believers in the work of spreading the Gospel. The evangelistic board encourages all belivers in the Church, irrespective of their profession has to proclaim “the good news” and live as His witness.The board is comitted to identify, disciple and transform the receptive people groups.

The Biblical mandate of evangelism is found in Matt. 8:19-20, called the Great Commission. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” is a command to go and make disciples of all nations. Evangelistic board is committed to evangelize atleast the vast land of India to fulfill the vision of the founding fathers. India is a fascinating country with its physical, religious, racial variety and linguistic diversity. We have 18 major languages and over 2000 dialects spoken by millions of people. We love our nation and we share God’s love by spreading the Good News.

In the context of religious pluralism, STECI firmly proclaims that there is only one Saviour and only one Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All men and women are perishing because of sin, but God loves everyone, not wishing that anyone should perish. Board of evangelism since its inception is faithful in proclaiming God’s love among sinners. Our primary objective is the proclamation of the historical, biblical Christ as Saviour and Lord with a purpose to invite people to come to christ personally and become disciples. Personal freedom is a fundamental right. All have God-given freedom to belive or not to belive in Jesus Christ. ( Rev. 3:20 ). Therefore we do not entertain forced conversions in any manner. We belive that ethnic diversity is the gift of God in creation and will be preserved in the new creation. We reject the evils of racism and ethnocentrism, and treat every ethnic and cultural group with dignity and respect, on the grounds of their value to God in creation and redemption.

The Formation of Evangelistic Board :
Abraham Mar Thoma Metropolitan (Mar Thoma XVII) was the Head of the Mar Thoma Church in 1944–47. He was called Maret Kochu Thirumeni by his people. He infused new spirit and vigor into the evangelistic work of the Church. He travelled throughout India and was a known figure in all the missionary circles as a great evangelist. He believed that every Marthomite is an evangelist, so evangelism is the responsibility of every member of the Church and not that of the clergy alone. He emphasised that every man and woman was called to be the witness of Jesus Christ, irrespective of his secular occupation. It was this conviction that led him to organise groups of people and give them specialised training in personal evangelism.The Voluntary Evangelistic Association was established in 1924, as a voluntary lay movement of the Church.

Evangelistic board came into existence along with the formation of church in 1961. Later, about 48 evangelists from Marthoma suvishesha sangham and marthoma sannadha suvishesha sangham were the earliest activists of the board.hey worked both in and out of Kerala. Presently Evangelistic board has various state missions where we have our own churches. As a result our church has worships in various languages across many states in india. Board now consists of evangelists and ministers from various states of India who speak their local languages.

Board Members
1. Most. Rev. Dr.Thomas abraham ( President )
2. Rev. Biju Thomas (Treasurer)
3. Rev. Saji Mathew (secretary)
4. Rev. Thomas Thottathil ( Ass. Secretary)
5. Rev. T. E. Varghese (Chengannoor)
6. Mr. George Mathew (Mundackal)
7. Mr. Aby Isaac (Pullencherry)
8. Mr. George Joseph M (Nandhancode)
9. Mr. Liju Kuriyachen (Palackad)
10. Evg. Anil T Abraham ( Thuruthikad)
11. Mrs. Mini George (kalayapuram)
12. Rev. Abraham George (Trivandrum)
13. Mr. K P Varghese (Mannuthi)
14. Mr. Jain George (Poovanpara)
15. Mr. Jojy Abaraham (Umayattukara-Prayar)
16. Mr. G. Samuelkutty (Thuruthikara)
17. Mr. K P Mathew (Nandhancode)
18. Mr. Roshan Sam Abraham (Banglore)
19. Mr. Thomas Abraham (Vandenmedu)
20. Prof. Dr. Matthews M George (Edayaranmula)
21. Rev. Samuel Mathew (kottayam)
22. Evg. Baburaj J. (Trivandrum)
23. Mr. Joy Paul T. P. (Pulinkara)
24. Sevini. Kunjumol Abraham (Vandenmedu)
25. Mr K. Y. Mathai (Rayamanagalam)


  1. Mission Tour
  2. Urban Mission,Trivandrum
  3. North Kerala Mission
  4. Gujarat Mission (Navom Prakash)
  5. Orissa Mission (Udhkal Navajeevan Seva)
  6. Tamil Nadu Mission (Dharshana Thamizhakom )
  7. Andhra Mission
  8. Karnataka Mission (Karnataka Jyothi)
  9. Maharashtra Mission
  10. Hindi Belt Mission
  11. Tailoring Schools
  12. Missionary Training Program (PAMS)