GPCC: Chairman

31st July 2007

The Members, GPCC & Leaders, Prayer Groups in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Rev. Thomas Abraham, Sabha Secretary  

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Please find below a message received today from Mr. John Mathew, Chairman GPCC. Though expected, I never thought of Thankachayan’s exodus these days to follow Jacob Uncle.  We all pray for Thankachayan and Thoyamma Aunty to have a peacful, well settled life in Kerala. The position of Chairman GPCC is vacant after Thankachayan’s (Mr. T. John Mathew) departure.  I request all GPCC members to nominate a suitable candidate to continue as Chairman GPCC until next conference.  Your input should reach me before 31st August 2007.

Thank you very much.

Yours in Christ,

Denny Mathai
Secretary, GPCC

31 July 07

Dear Denny

As I have earlier in an email advised, I retired from my duties in the Bank, and this early morning reached Kerala.  I left Kuwait for good.  For the remaining term of the GPCC Chairman, you may select another person.  As we were planning to leave Kuwait for good, Thoyamma’s ammachy passed away on 4th July for which we had to come to Kerala.  Then again we went back to Kuwait to arrange thing.  Thank God every things was arranged well.  Only things that I could not communicate all Parishes properly.  Here we are fine.  Nothing more now. 


T. John Mathew

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