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An effective ministry model for the urban students

College campuses which produce future leaders of the country are going through different forms of vulnerabilities and intolerance. The politicalisation of universities, stressed academic environment, predominance of social media, influence of alcohol and drugs, relationship issues etc., makes the life of students miserable. Believing students coming from good Christian families and spiritual background also seems to have many times turned away when they were exposed to the new world around them. How our kids be protected? How can we ensure producing Christ-like leaders for future? In which way those who are going through similar situations be redeemed? These are genuine concerns of many Christians. The relevance of ministries such as Chennai Tyrannus Hall (CTH) emerges in this context.

CTH is a home away from home for believing college students (boys). CTH provides accommodation and holistic care for the students undergoing different courses in Chennai, with the purpose of equipping the young lives to be true disciples of Jesus Christ who witness Christ in their-own campuses and later in professional workplaces. The word Tyrannus is found in Acts. 19.9, which was a lecture hall were Paul had discourses with his disciples resulting in word of the Lord reaching whole of Asia.
Formed in partnership between Tyrannus Halls International and St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India (through its Education Board), CTH provides for the overall personality development of the students through its excellent facilities and enlightening activities (mentoring, evening devotions, special talks, seminars, retreats etc.). The accommodation in CTH is provided for students who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour irrespective of their denominations and language.

Five pillars of CTH
The ministry in Tyrannus Halls is based on its five pillars
Student Led Devotions
Academic Excellence
Physical Fitness
Theological Lectures

“I was shaped in CTH. Had I been somewhere else I wouldn’t have been what I am today. As days move, I can say God is changing me step by step. I’m not able to encourage anything unholy in my life. I developed the habit of praying and reading the Word of God whenever I’m free… I don’t waste any opportunity where God wants to talk to me…. I can say that the Lord speaks to me every day about every situation in my life. I’m not able to express the joy I have in Christ… I’m asking God to open doors so that I can share the gospel with my friends”. – Jubin Jose, Alumni, now running family business in Dubai.

CTH 10th Anniversary

CTH has entered its 10th year of establishment. We praise God for His faithfulness in the past. A special Thanks giving gathering is planned on February 25th 2017, in STECI Madras Parish which is expected to be attended by STECI Bishops, THI and other hall representatives, alumni, parents, Christian leaders of Chennai and other well wishers. The function is titled as Deo Gratias (Thanks be to God). Essential infrastructural development and maintenance works also are undertaken for providing better amenities to the wards. As part of the 10th year introspection, the officials of CTH also considered where should CTH be in another 10 years time and framed long term goals and strategies to achieve the same.

CTH Goals for 2025

  1. 100 professionals serving God as workplace missionaries in corporate sector and government establishments. 
  2. Minimum 1 civil servant in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).
  3. Establish itself as a multi – cultural, interdenominational institute drawing students from all regions of India.
  4. Functional Sishyasram in the present campus as per the vision of Very Rev. P.T Chandapilla.
  5. Produce another 2 Tyrannus / Lydia Halls in different parts of the country through Education Board of STECI / THET.