Christian Fellowship and Service Centre

CFSC – A Dream of Dr K.M Mathai

Christian fellowship and service centre in Dondi which is in Durgg district of Madhyapradesh, is a centre of charity works for so many years. It was a dream come true for Dr K.M Mathai. Dr Mathai himself donated the building and land for church which is a countable asset to St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India. A children’s home is being run in the facility under the supervision of Women’s board. Sevinees serving in the centre are preaching gospel in children’s home and in Dr Mathai’s clinic and also to it’s neighbouring areas. The centre served as the preliminary headquarters of the Hindi belt mission.

Director : Rev. Shibu P.Koruth
Staffs :   1. Miss L. Saramma 
 2. E. Sreeja 

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