1.Aim for the spiritual and physical growth of the church through the programs mentioned below
and also at the central level work under the direct supervision of the Church for programs such as
General Convention, Ordination, Bishop Consecration, Marriage, Burial service and other
fellowships of the church. Apart from this, DMC should fulfil the objective of the church which is
Evangelisation of India and should partner with the church in fulfilling the great commission of the
Lord to make disciples of all nations.
2. To establish choirs in parishes and in various organisations of the STECI.
3. To establish diocesan choirs in each diocese of the STECI.
4. To give training to the choir leaders. Also give the necessary training for singers who sing for
worships and fellowships, to sing spiritual songs.
5. To give vocal training for singing both western and eastern.
6. Compose songs at a higher quality level, which will propagate God’s plan of salvation, aim at
protecting the pure evangelical faith handed over to the church, keep the witness of the church
powerfully always and that will benefit all believers of the universal church.
7. Use the latest scientific ways to propagate gospel through audio and visual media.
8. Use all ways, techniques, technologies & training that will help in implementing the above

Managing Committee 

1. Bishop Rt Rev Dr Abraham Chacko (Chairman)

2. Commander: Jacob J Malayattu (Vice Chairman )

3. Rev Joshy M Jacob (Director)

4. Rev Sibi PJ (Asst. Director)

5. Rev Abraham George

6. Rev Saji Mathew (Treasure)

7. Rev PT Mathew

8. Rev Anish Mathew

9. Rev Aji Thomas

10. Mr. Lal P Abraham

11. Mr. V T Samuel

12. Mrs. Jai mole Jacob

13. Prof. Mary Abraham