Detroit Parish: Office Bearers 2008

I am thankful to God for helping us elect the following members as Office Bearers for 2008. Pray that God would guide them in the way the church has to go.

President: Rev. Jacob M Chacko
Vice President: Mr. Thomas Cherian
Secretary: Mr. Robin Varghese 
Jt. Secretary: Mr. Kurian Varghese 
Treasurer: Mr. Varghese Chacko 
Accountant: Mr. John Eapen 
Sevini Samajam Sec.: Mrs. Jessy Philip 
Youth Rep.: Ms. Smitha Alex 
Sunday School Rep.: Ms. Renu Thomas 
Lay Reader: Mr. Alexander Chacko 
Choir Leader: Mrs. Bindu Varghese  (Malayalam)
Mr. Sumith Alex (English)
JMBC Rep.: Ms. Rinu Thomas 
Pradhinidhi Sabha Rep.: Mr. Alexander Chacko 
Food Comm.: Mrs. Elsie Varghese
Mrs. Kunjumol Alex
Mrs. Aleykutty Thomas

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