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“What does God require from us?” -Deut. 10:12-13

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Dear Friends,

Thanks for the prayer and support you’ve extended for STECI East-West Diocese youths camp. By God’s grace it went fine. Let us give a brief summary of the camp.
The camp started on Sep 11th in STECI Fellowship Center,Kumbanad on Thursday evening with the inaugural address of Bishop Dr.M.K.Koshy.Rev.Thomas Abraham presided the meeting. After that Dr.Thomas Philip gave a challenging message about “Return to God”….
Second day, Sep 12th, we had a busy schedule…Morning devotion was lead by Br.Johns Luke, Kollam. After that Dr.Thomas Philip delivered the session about God in Exodus. God the protector, provider, deliverer etc…Before lunch we had two sessions in parallel. One session was lead by Dr.Stephen about “knowing Christ” and another was by Dr.Alex about “Witnessing Christ”. One was focused on the saving knowledge of Christ while the other was on  being fruitful for Christ. Afternoon, Dr.Alex lead the session on “Relationship with Opposite Sex”. Dr.Stephen also came up with a good conclusion and finally, it ended with Q&A session. During the evening break, we had the preliminary round of quiz competetion. Shibu lead the evening praise & worship session and after that Dr.Stephen delivered God’s message.
Third day, Sep 13th, started with a beautiful morning devotion from A.C.Oommen achen.Achen emphasized that following Christ means an “Either..Or”.ie, Either Christ or World.No intermediate solutions…It was really encouraging one for our youths. Achen took time to pray for Miss.Uma maheshwari in Chennai, who accepted Jesus Christ on last week and had opposition from her home.Also achen requested to pray for the brethren in Orissa and his son Dr.Johny Oommen who is a missionary doctor in Rayagada, Orissa. He requested youths to lead in prayer before his message. After that Dr.Thomas Philip spoke from God’s word. Before lunch, Dr.Stephen spoke about “Getting over the past”, a session focused on inner healing of abuses, forgiveness and reconciling with God. Afternoon Br.Reji Jacob lead a seminar focussed on the problems of present generation…During the evening break time, we had the elocution competetion and Saly from Vazhoor parish got the first prize…..After praise and worship session in evening, Dr.Stephen spoke from God’s word and late evening, we had the finals of quiz competetion.
Sunday, Sep 14th morning, we had a nice devotion from Achenkunju George achen…He spoke about turning our hearts to Lord. After that the Holy Communion where people from different parishes attended. Dr.Stpehen gave a challenging message in the final session where he urged youngsters to go and do Lord’s work. Gigichayan lead the testimony session and C.V.Mathew achen gave the concluding message with the theme of “Love the Lord”…The camp concluded around 2 pm with an eternal joy in hearts of everyone.
Around 200-230 youths attended the camp in all the 3 days.Parents and elders from different parishes attended various other sessions.The messages were translated to malayalam by Samkutty achen(Rev.Mathews Abraham), Prasadchayan(Edayaranmula), Jim(Trivandrum) and Asish.
All praise and glory for God alone, who enabled us to organize this camp.We feel much joy with the response of our youngsters and hoping in the promise that Lord’s word shall not return unto Him void. And we know the result will be eternal!
We are grateful to many people who helped us, but some of them have been outstanding…Rev.Joy Mathew, Evg.David, Evg.R.P.Babu and others in camp center had put lot of effort to arrange and  maintain the campus. Rev.C.V.Mathew & Rev.Thomas Abraham were with us on all the 3 days with guidance and suggestions.Rev.Kurian Sam Varghese and Sunday school missonaries parallely conducted separate sessions for little children. Most of the achens, evangelists and sevini’s in this diocese came and participated in the camp. Br.Jain single-handedly managed the transport. Binu, Biju,Johny, Thomas,Anu and Bible school students in Tiruvalla worked behind the scenes without seeking any earthly reward…
And God was faithful in the another important part of camp,ie, in Finance. We never lacked any supplies in the camp, thanks for our heavenly father who richly provided. (One of our spiritual learnings from these camps is to fully trust in Christ for financial resources; Yeah it’s so sweet to trust in Jesus!)….It’s quite noteworthy that majority of the local parishes in East-West diocese passionately responded to this collection… May Lord honor all those who helped us.
The messages and songs will be uploaded soon in our church website. A separate email will send soon once it’s done. You can view the snaps in the following link…
hooked by the love of Christ,
Rev.Mathews Abraham, Gigi Joseph, Mathews Abraham(Kumbanad) and East-West committee.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Hope you’re doing good by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for His grace and mercy which enabled us to work for Him in the last one year.

This email intends to request your prayer support for the East-West Diocese youths camp 2008.

God willing the camp is scheduled from Sep 11 to 14 in STECI Fellowship center,Kumbanad  and we’re expecting around 300 youths(from 85 parishes) for the same. For the last 6 weekends, we have visited various parishes and invited youths for the same.

The camp leaders are Dr.Thomas Philip, Dr.Stephen (both from Oddenchatram C.F Hospital) and Dr.Alex Abraham(STECI Kesavadasapuram). All these three are very committed missionary doctors who stand for Christ in their work place and we praise God for these leaders. The camp theme is selected by the leaders itself and the  theme is “what does God require from us?” (Deut 10:12-13). Dr.Thomas Philip is a great missionary minded Orthopedic surgeon .I’ve heard about him that the he gives pamphlets(tracts) to the patients along with the prescription…..Dr.Stephen was an Andhra Brahmin, who accepted Jesus Christ when he was studying for MBBS in JIPMER, Pondicherry. After that he worked as a missionary doctor in Kashmir.Two weeks back he was the leader of Trivandrum EU camp and I had witnessed how Lord worked in the life of youngsters through his powerful messages…

Apart from these two leaders, we have Br.Johns Luke(Kollam) and Rev.A.C.Oommen achen will deliver the morning devotion. Rev.A.C.Oommen achen was the Chaplian of CMC Vellore and Oddenchatram C.F Hospital and right now he’s 85 years old.An good example on how can we glorify God when we get old..:)..We are very glad to get “Oddenchatram team” for this camp.

Bishop M.K.Koshy will deliver the inaugural address and Rev.Dr.C.V.Mathew achen will lead the closing session. Rev.Thomas Abraham  and  Rev.P.M.Samuel will come and lead the intermediate sessions. Also Rev.Achenkunju George , Br.Shibu and Br.Sandeep will come from Amla to encourage the youths. Shibu will lead the praise and worship sessions….We’re grateful to Rev.Joy Mathew for his help and directions in the camp site.

We request that if you have any youngsters who are planning to look for medical profession (or any other profession), please encourage them to attend this camp. We’ll arrange a talk with any of these leaders which help them to choose the career in a missionary outlook.

Please pray for the following:

  1. Our youths should take a stand for Lord

  2. The leaders, their messages and translators

  3. The songs, praise and worship sessions

  4. All arrangments like food, travel, stay

  5. The financial matters (Rs. 1,00,000/- is the total budget)

  6. The quiz and elocution competitions

  7. The weather and camp site

We are planning to record the sermons in mp3 format, so we hope we could send it to all parts of India and abroad. Please send an email to Asish or call(98956-47787), if you need the sermons.

For the last one year, we have visited differnt small parishes and helped them to conduct conventions. We’ve arranged Film shows, camp in Vandenmedu center, visited mission fields,supported two Bible school students, equipped youths to lead in worships, recorded the convention sermons etc…We never think all these done by our strength. As word of God says “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves;

Keep praying for the camp that it should leave a mark in the life of our youths. May Lord guide us.


Rev.Mathews Abraham
Gigi Joseph
Mathews Abraham (Kumbanad)

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