First CTH Camp

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Chennai Tyrannus Hall!

CTH is in its fourth year of functioning. Eventhough there were many birthpangs we experience Gods Blessings especially these days and it is in the path of progress. We have 17 students staying here and studying in various colleges in the city. Everyday we have evening devotions from 8.30 – 9.00 mostly taken by the students. Once a week an outside resource person would be coming. We have started a Library for the students and we have formed them to various teams to share different responsibilities in the hostel. We do have facilities for Sports and sometimes we have common cooking too!!!

The mail is to raise prayer support for the first CTH camp that we are planning from 10-12 Sept (this Friday to Sunday) at Jubilee Memorial Bible College (JMBC), Chennai. Various arrangements are progressing. Out of the 17 students we have, Five students havn’t accepted Jesus as their personal saviour till now. Another Four students might have taken a decision in the past, but do not have a deep conviction. The rest Eight students are believing students out of which four are really matured. Being the first camp of CTH, the main focus of the camp would be the first two categories of students and thus would be evangelistic in nature. Eventhough CTH is a discipleship centre, the present situation made us to take such a decision. We pray that the students who are yet to accept Christ too would come to have a personal relationship with Christ during the camp and this would be the first and the last evangelistic camp in CTH. In the coming months we would like to focus on discipleship and leadership development.

Kindly pray for the sessions, resource persons, students, finance and all arrangements. Pray specifically for ‘Sandhya’ (Saturday Evening Devotion) where we desire, pray and expect the students to dedicate their lives. Thus it is my request for all of you to kindly spend time in prayer in your individual, family and corporate prayers.


Aby Alexandar
Resident Staff, CTH

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