General Administration

1. The President of this Church will be the Presiding Bishop elected by the Prathinidhi Sabha (House of Representatives) for every five years from among the Bishops of the Church.
2.  No one can be the Presiding Bishop of more than two consecutive terms (that is ten years) continuously.
3.  There can be Bishops, Vicar Generals, Divisions Administrators for administrative convenience in the Church as need be.
4.  The Sabha Council has the authority to divide the Church into districts, Centers and Edavaka for administrative convenience.
5. Under the supervision of the Presiding Bishops, Bishops or in the absence of Bishops, Divisions Administrative responsibility over the Districts and the Vicar will have charge over the parishes.
6.  For the General Administration there will be a Representative Assembly (Prathinidhi Sabha) and as its executive  Council elected by the Prathinidhi Saba and an ordination Committee for selection of candidate for the ministry and other Committees need be in the Church. All these Committees will be under the control of the Sabha council ordinarily. Even so, matter relating to their working can be referred to the consideration of the Prathinidhi Sabha whenever it becomes necessary.

Representative Assembly

Only the Prathinidhi Sabha has got the supreme authority for taking decision on all matters spiritual and temporal Concerning the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India. The Dignitaries of the Church, The various Committees and other organizations within the Church will have only such powers as the Prathinidhi Sabha confers upon them. The Sovereign Authority of thesis Church shall be vested in this Prathinidhi Sabha Only.

Members of the Prathindhi Sabha
The following shall be the members of the Prathinidhi Sabah:-
a) Presbyters (Ministers) and dignitaries of higher order.
b) Representatives of the parishes.
c) Representatives of the recognized instituation of the chrch.
d) Representatves of the persons who have become members of the church as
result of the work by the recognised institutions of the Church.
e) Persons nominated by the Church Council.

Sabha Council

Sabha Council is elected by the Prathinidhi Sabha from among its members to carry out the decisions of the Prathinidhi Sabha and to consider and do all acts necessary in other matters relating to the administration of the Church. The Presiding Bishop, other Bishops, Vicar Generals, Trustees, Secretary the President and Vice President of the Prathinidhi Sabha will be members of the Council in their official capacity. Not less than double the number of official members as above said will be elected from among the Prathinidhi Sabha members to the Council. At least 50% of the elected members of the Council shall be new members. As a rule no non-official member shall continue to be a member of the Council for more than two consecutive terms. The quorum of the Council shall be 40% but if a meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, The next meeting any function even without such a quorum. The term of office of the Council shall be three years or till a new Council is elected. The President of the Sabha Council is the Presiding Bishop.

High Power Tribunal 

Church shall have a High power Tribunal, Consisting of Seven members elected by the Prathinidhi Sabha. It shall be the power and duty of the High Power to examine and decide matters pertaining to the violation of the constitution departure form the faith and doctrines of the Church, charges leveled against the Bishops including the presiding Bishop and the Ministers, the reexamination of the faith and doctrines of the church and such other matters refereed to it and issue directions thereon. Not less than two of its members shall be laymen. The decisions and directions to these proceedings. This Tribunal will have absolute powers to hear and decide the appeals filed against the decisions of the Diocesan Tribunals.

Bishops Council

All the Bishops of the Church will be members of the Bishops Council. The Presiding Bishop’s has the authority to invite the Church Secretary and any other person if considered necessary for a meeting of the Bishop’s Council. But such invites shall have no right to vote in the meeting. If the majority of Bishops of the Church are present at the meeting, the Council will have Quorum. The Presiding Bishop of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India will be the president and Convener of the Bishops Council. In the absence of the President Bishop the next in order among the Bishops shall take over those duties. The Bishops Council shall enforce the decisions regarding the faith and doctrines of the Church. The Bishop’s Council shall formulate any subject or subjects for consideration of the Prathinidhi Sabha and forward the same to the Church Council for being placed before
the Prathinidhi Sabha.

Pastoral Board
The Pastoral Board is to appoint, transfer Presbyters for Parishes, and to fix compensation for the Presbyters and other Presbyter administration of the Church. The Pastoral Board consists of members elected by the Prathinidhi Sabha.
Ordination Committee
Internal Auditors
Mr.  A. G. Paulose (Keezhillam)
Mr. K. V. Thomas (Mavelikkara)

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