GPCC: Activities 2007

July 31, 2007  

The Members – GPCC & Leaders – Prayer Groups in UAE & Saudi Arabia

Rev. Thomas Abraham, Sabha Office

GPCC Activities 2007 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Loving greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Please find an update of various matters of concerns:

  1. Fund Raising for East-District Headquarters
    Brochure for the project forwarded in a separate mail.  Rev. John V. John, Sabha Treasurer will be visiting our parishes during Nov/Dec 2007/Jan 2008 for a maximum duration of 75 days for the collection.  Achen’s itinerary will be circulated soon.

  2. Bahya India Evangelical Fellowship
    The 4th annual Fellowship on the 28th July 2007 was a blessing.  But, our collective efforts needed to improve attendance, not forgetting the fact that the organizers had lots of efforts to make the event a success.  It was decided that 5th annual Fellowship will be held on 26th July 2008 (last Saturday in July) at Central Chapel, Tiruvalla.  Please urge all our members to plan, prepare and participate in the one day fellowship enthusiastically.  Participants include our members on vacation, their families living in India, those settled back in India after working abroad and Presbyters working/worked abroad.

  3. Clergy visit – Bahrain Parish nominee 
    The program was deferred for April/May/June 2008.

  4. Gulf Parishes Conference 2007
    Doha Parish secretary informed their inability to hold the Conference in 2007 due to the unexpected delay in church building construction.  My earnest desire is that the 11th GPC should be held during Eid Al Adha holidays in December 2007 as decided during our last conference.  I request Parishes who are still to open their account to host a conference may come forward to host the 11th GPC.  Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah, Ras Al Khaimah or Sharjah parish may seriously consider this request and let me know before 31st August 2007.

  5. Honouring Office Bearers of GPC
    I am still waiting for valuable advice on the subject below. This is a new subject which we never had in our agenda.  The matter came to my mind when our Jacob uncle (Mr. Mathew Jacob – ex-Chairman of GPC & ex-Bahya India Administator) left Kuwait about a month ago.  I had circulated the retirement news among our parishes and few individuals might have contacted Uncle.  In the past we have honoured GPC ex-Chairmen and ex-Secretaries on platforms during Conferences.  I strongly feel that we should have some sort of arrangement to honour the office bearers of GPC who leave this area before the Conference.  It is our duty to honour them, and we need to frame rules or take suitable decisions.   I wish that we do not send any more Chairmen/Secretaries empty handed without honouring them for their valuable services.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, but a memento to cherish past accomplishments.  I am looking forward for your valuable suggestions.

  6. Pray for Kerala
    The spread of various viral diseases is still dominating without much control in Kerala.  Post infection symptoms are severe.  Several people, including our church members are dying due to the epidemic.  We need to pray sincerely for our Kerala State

I request your earnest prayers and valuable advices for above matters  

Yours in Christ,

For Gulf Parishes Conference Committee

Denny N. Mathai 
Secretary, GPCC 
P.O. Box 14, Mina Al Fahal 116, Oman 
Tel. 968-99322645 (Muscat) 
Tel. 0469-2610696 / 944-7018985 (Kerala)

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