GPCC Activities 2010

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To:  All parishes in the Gulf Region

Dear Achens, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Loving greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

Subject: Activities 2010

First of all, I wish and pray that may God give us grace to overcome difficulties and hindrances so that our commitments and resolutions for the Year 2010 may fulfill. Trust that we may give our time, talents and gifts for God’s work more than what we utilized during the year 2009.

Please find below our ongoing plans for the year 2010:

  1. Rev. Y. Samuel: Respected Achen commenced Gulf Parishes’ tour in Doha on 25th November 2009 to conclude on 23rd January 2010 in Kuwait.
  2. Sabha Project – Collection: Sabha Head Office will have the opportunity to send a Bishop/Clergy for fund raising towards the proposed office complex during May/June/July 2010. It is planned that the foundation stone for the project will be laid by Most Rev. Dr. C. V. Mathew during the inauguration of the Golden Jubilee of our Church on 26th January 2010.
  3. Bahya India Evangelical Fellowship: 7th Annual Fellowship will be held in July 2010 at Central Chapel, Tiruvalla. (Further details will be sent by the officials from Tiruvalla).
  4. Rev K G Mathew & Rev Prakash Mathew: Rev. K. G. Mathew (Vicar, UAE Parishes) & Rev. Prakash Mathew (Vicar, Kuwait Parish) will have opportunity to visit our parishes before the end of their tenure in 2011. Achens and relevant parishes may come to a consensus on convenient dates for Achens’ visit to other parishes.
  5. Clergy visit – Kuwait Parish nominee: Kuwait parish will have the opportunity on rotation to nominate a Clergy to visit our parishes in 2010. It will be feasible if the Clergy undertake the visit during Nov/Dec 2010 in conjunction with the proposed 11th Gulf Parishes Conference in Doha during Eid Al Adha holidays.
  6. Gulf Parishes Conference: We must pray continually that the 11th GPC will be hosted by Doha Parish during Eid Al Adha holidays in 2010.
  7. Please pray for:
    1. Respected Alexander Thirumeni’s wife undergoing treatment for cancer in CMC Vellore.
    2. General Convention scheduled for 24th to 31st January 2010.
    3. Various activities during Sabha Golden Jubilee year, 26th Jan 2010 to 26th Jan 2011, including construction of Office Complex.
    4. 23rd Prathinidhi Sabha scheduled for 23rd & 24th April 2010.

I request your earnest prayers and valuable advices for the matters outlined above.

Yours in Christ,
For Gulf Parishes Conference Committee

Denny N. Mathai
Secretary, GPCC

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