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Dear Achens, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

This letter is a humble proposal to launch a new attempt under the auspices of Gulf Parishes Conference, to locate and give fellowship to our children who are away from parents in schools and colleges. These children include those who are studying anywhere in the world after completing school education living with their parents. I feel that children who studied outside India including the Middle East are more vulnerable to the immediate changes they face in various states of India and Western counties. We cannot take it for granted that children in remote areas for higher education are in a comfortable situation as they were with their parents. Few of them may be quite content in their new situations, but definitely there are many thirsting for a fellowship and spiritual care as they enjoyed in their childhood. Some parents are more concerned that our children are being attracted to various other groups/denominations (including those who attract youngsters by their so called rock music worship which often mislead the truth) due to the lack of our timely intervention. I feel that it is our collective responsibility and with the support from our Sabha Leadership/Members, we may help our children to an extent. Please note that they are the future of our Sabha.

I request all our parishes in the Middle East may make their members aware of this endeavor. Parents may in turn send details of their child to me so that we will be able to pass on details to the Parish/Vicar/Worship Group close to their institutions. We can make this attempt a success if we all try together, ultimately for the glory of God.

Please pray for this subject and let me know your comments and advices.

Yours in Christ,

Denny Mathai
Secretary GPCC

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