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Silver Jubilee Memorial Press

The Silver Jubilee Memorial Press located at our our church headquarters in manjady inaugurated by Bishop.Dr.T.C.Cherian on 31 January 1987 performs an adorable service for church and evangelisation. Various publications of our church and spiritual leaflets ans tracts are being printed and published through the press.

Jubilee Memorial Bible College (JMBC)

Jubilee Memorial Bible college came into existence due to the vision Very. Rev. P. T. Chandapilla. JMBC is committed to see the nation of India with over one billion people increasingly come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ the savior as more and more trained disciples engage in making disciples.

As a Church we, the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, have entered the 50th year of our history on 26 January 2010. The honourable Sabha Council, in its meeting on December 18, 2009, has decided to celebrate this year (26/01/2010-26/01/2011) as our Golden Jubilee Year; to mark the occasion the Council has come up with following projects for the glory of God and for the all round spiritual and physical growth of our Church.

50 young ones dedicated for ministry

During this year we wish to encourage, identify and dedicate 50 young lives for full-time ministry. We pray and want to see that 50 boys and girls receive God’s call for ministry in our church and dedicate themselves for the services of the Lord and His church. Such lives, called by God and set apart for His ministry, will be a great asset to our church in the years to come. We need a band of committed, fully surrendered capable young people come for the service of the church.

50 Full Time Workers

During this year we wish to see 50 workers (achens, evangelists, sevinis, missionaries etc) from different language groups enter into active full time ministry. High Range/Malabar Mission (North Kerala Mission) We desire to give special focus to the outreach ministry to the High Range and Malabar regions in Kerala, which is our ‘Jerusalem.’

Strengthen Local Parishes

To accept and to implement the recommendations of the Sub Committee that submitted various suggestions to strengthen and revitalize our local parishes.

Booklet on Doctrines

To publish a booklet outlining our basic doctrines both in Malayalam and in English (in due course in other languages too).

Publish Church History

To publish the history of our church from the very beginning.

Collect the History of all Parishes

To collect the history of all our parishes and make it available at the Sabha Office; the responsibility for this rests with various diocesan leaders.

Construct 10 New Church Buildings in Mission Field

To promote various State Missions founded for evangelism under the auspices of the Evangelistic Board with the support of the Bahya Kerala parishes. We wish to see, as a part of the Golden Jubilee project, 10 new church buildings constructed in mission fields.

Spiritual Gatherings & Rallies

To organize spiritual gatherings and rallies in different regions of Kerala under the auspices of various Boards.

Construct Office Complex

To help effective administration of the church we need to provide adequate office facilities and steps are being taken to construct a double winged office complex.

Golden Jubilee Emblem

To design and use a Golden Jubilee Emblem to constantly remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness all through these years.

Golden Jubilee Arch

To construct a ‘Golden Jubilee Arch’ at the entrance of our headquarters at Thiruvalla.

Golden Jubilee Theme

To facilitate in our parishes an in depth study and reflection of our Golden Jubilee Theme, “Great is Thy (God’s) faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:23).

Publish Devotional Materials in Prakashini

To publish Daily Devotional materials in Suvisesha Prakashini to strengthen our family devotional and prayer times.

Golden Jubilee Offertory

All the parishes to participate in the Golden Jubilee offertory to be taken at the closing ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 26, January 2011. Expected amount is Rs. 10 Lakhs (about $ 22,500/-). This will be the seed money for the following project.

Construct Retreat Centres

To undertake construction of retreat centers and other facilities at Amalloor (Thiruvalla), Kozhencherry, Vandenmedu and Marayoor where we have strategic and valuable sites.

Help Needy Church Members

To give fellowship in the needs of our needy church members and to facilitate the welfare of our suffering brethren.

Department of Music

To start a department of music and organize a choir to minister on occasions like spiritual conventions, ordination services, episcopal consecrations, marriages, fellowship meetings etc.

Distribute Mementos

Permission is to be given to produce and distribute mementos at centre/diocesan levels in order to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness to us as a Church for the last 50 years.

Honour Surviving Leaders for their outstanding service

To organize occasions to honour surviving Bishops, Presbyters, Evangelists, Sevinis, and lay leaders who have given faithful and outstanding services to the church over the years in their realm of influence.
It is our heart’s desire to see that all these twenty projects would cumulatively inspire and encourage us for a spiritual revival and growth with a sense of self respect. As a church we stand for the sound evangelical faith, holiness in life, and evangelism and mission. We long to see all these are facilitated through our Golden Jubilee Projects.