Kuwait Parish : Inaugural Meeting of Golden Jubilee Year

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St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India – Kuwait Parish, Thanksgiving Service and inauguration of the Golden Jubilee Celebration, will be held on Friday the 25th of September 2015 at 7:00 PM in The Church and Parish Hall, NECK campus, Kuwait City.

                   !!!!!!! The whole event will be telecasted live !!!!!!!

          http://steci.org/kuwait/   (official website of steci )

          http://www.stecikuwait.org  (website of kuwait parish)

It is time for us to remember with grateful heart,  the doings of our LORD thus far, to celebrate our Golden Jubilee year,  as HE made us stand firm in this land ever since we started our worship as a parish 50 years back.
We have great pleasure to communicate the yearlong  50th Anniversary celebrations of our our Kuwait Parish, starting with the thanksgiving service and inauguration on September 25th, 2015 by our presiding Bishop,  Most  Rev.  Dr. C . V . Mathew.
As a sister parish, we cherish and memorize your wonderful fellowship with this humble parish of ours all these years, and it is our heartfelt desire that we together uphold the glorious name of our LORD on this occasion. We have attached the INVITATION for the event and shall be much grateful for your communicating our wish with all our brothers and sisters in Dubai parish for their prayers and participation.
May God bless you all
For the STECI, Kuwait Parish
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