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The Sunday School Board conducts Students’ Camps, Vacation Bible Schools, Monthly Sunday School Quizzes, Annual Sunday School Examinations, Gospel Tours, Sunday School Teachers’ Trainings, etc. Sunday Schools are conducted in each Parish or Edavaka every Sunday, before or after the regular Sunday Worship service.
Sunday school board

The church has given importance to Sunday School ministries from the time of it’s formation in 1961,

and as a result we have been able to start Sunday School in our parishes and give the word of God to the


Many members of our church have been able to become great ministers of God and  also have

attained exteemed positions and careers because of  the Word of God which was given to them while

they were children

Aims and works of the Sunday school Board

VBS ministries

The board conducts VBS directors training camps every year in March & April with the help of the

trainees, the borad conducts VBSs, As result of VBS ministries many kids have come to know about

Jesus. The board also canducts VBss in other churches.

Sunday School Summer Camps

The Sunday school Board conducts central summer camps in Tiruvalla every year. Camps are also held in

Keezhillam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Nilambur and Mangalore centres.

One day programme

The board in co-operation with the various parishes and centers conducts. One day meets for students.

World Sunday school day

The world Sunday school day is observed the first Sunday of November every year. The ministries of

Robert Raiker, who initiated Sunday School in 1780, are remembered on this day. Children perform

various programmes on this day in their parishes and also conduct rallies to wtness Jesus Christ.

Annual Examination

The annual Sunday school examination is conducted every year. Cash prizes and awards are given to the

students who have secured first, second and third ranks.

Talent Search

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