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Board For Youth Work
Youth are the future and backbone of any church. Youth board seeks to cater to the needs of the young boys and girls of our dioceses, center & parishes. Youth board plays a major role in encouraging and training youths for the glory of God. Mission of Our Youths’ Union is to instill in the young adolescent people of our Church the values of Christian Life and Leadership

Principles of Youth Board
1) Living Testimony  2) Fellowship  3)
Evangelism  4) Social concern  5) Mission of church.

Youth board plays a major role in budding the young bloods of our church to live according to these principles. Various camps, seminars and one day meetings are being organised by the youth board in order to cultivate these values among our youth. Apart from that the board initiates parish visits, conduct counselling classes, publishing and circulating bible reading cards, mission field supports, issuing and following study guides and organising mission field visits.

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