STECI is a Reformed Evangelical Church. The cardinal convictions of the reformation, namely “that works cannot earn salvation, that salvation is by grace alone received through faith, that nothing can add to the sole mediatorship of the cross of Christ and that Holy Scripture is the supreme authority in doctrine ” are the convictions of STECI too. When the founders of STECI separated from the Marthoma Church in 1961, the MT Church was a well-established church. The STECI founders were ready to pay the price and suffer ridicule since they were convinced that they were following a vision and obeying a call from above. The three Cardinal principles for which STECI was launched out in faith to form a new church were:.

Sound Doctrine

Our church affirms that the purpose and work of the church is the stewardship of the divine doctrines and teachings, as revealed through Jesus Christ and proclaimed by the Holy Apostles, and the preservation of these in their pristine purity, and the enrichment of the spiritual life of the members of the church. The Sound doctrine based on the 66 books of the Bible is the sole authority for all matters concerning our faith and that nobody has any authority to add to,or subtract from, the contents of the Bible.( 1 Tim 1:10;6:3;2Tim1:13;4:3;Titus 1:9). Justification by faith is the key teaching.




Sound Living

Holiness of life is the mark of a STECI person. He should live his life, based on the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. He should know that the system around him or “the world “, is opposed to God, that caters to “the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life”( 1 John 2:15-17) The evangelical faith reaches beyond belief to behavior; it brings with it a multifaceted challenge to live accordingly. Today some evangelical people acquiesce in low standards of living which are indistinguishable from those of the world. Church is the covenant community of of God which exists between the ‘kingdom come’ and the ‘kingdom coming’. Therefore it should have kingdom values which our Lord gave to us in his Sermon on the Mount and other Scriptures.

Sound Mission

When the STECI was formed, our forefathers took upon themselves the great responsibility of reaching out to those who have not heard the good news. Evangelization of at least India was their motto at that time(now a country with 1.3billion population). A STECI person is one who owns up this Great Commandment.( Matt 28:20)