Mr Simon Mathew, former acting chairman of JM Trust promoted to glory

With much grief let me inform you that Adv. Simon Mathews(82), Sec’bad Parish went to be with the Lord around 9 pm today 6th December 2015. Funeral will be held at Sec’bad probably on Wednesday.Simon Sir was a Champion of the Evangelical Faith and served as the Bahya Kerala District Administrator, Sabha Council Member, JMBC Board & Trust member and also the acting chairman. He stood along side with Chandapilla Achen and others in establishing JMBC. He had a thorough knowledge in Church History especailly the Malankara Sabha History. Hailing basically from Kozhencherry, he was attracted to Pathyopadesha viswasam and K.N. Daniel Sir’s teaching thus he joined STECI right from its inception and was instrumental in the hands of God in the establishment of Calcutta Parish. Later he moved to Sec’bad. He was a wholesome  presence in many of our erst while Bahya Kerala Conferences.
 He played an important role in the reunification of the Church in 1995.
He served in the Boards of many companies and was the legal adviser of Nagarjuna Fertilizers Ltd. for a long time.  He is survived by his two daughters and both of them are living in Sec’bad.  Please pray for the bereaved family members.
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  • Uncle Simon Mathews to us at Bhandup parish, Kuttappan as he was fondly called by a chosen few was a friend of all in STECI & particularly our parish at Bhandup the erstwhile Bombay parish.
    He was one of our earliest members and pillars alongwith the founding fathers of the Bombay parish. His contemporaries included C S Mathai uncle, P C Mathai uncle (now in Bangalore), E P Thomas uncle (also in Bangalore) from our parish. He had high regard for the seniors who went to the Lord ahead of him, like V G Chacko appachan (Father of Dr V C Jacob), Kunjachan uncle, K T Philips uncle, C V Varghese (my uncle), C V Eapen (my papa). He always encouraged the youth as our own Papachan uncle (C V John) can testify, a senior now was considered a youth by Simon Mathews uncle.
    I recall his appreciation and love for our parish which compelled him to travel all the way from Secunderbad for our golden jubilee celebration in 2010 to be with us and meet all the loved ones. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting even those who had left the church but were co-labourers in establishing the church in Mumbai. He was moved with nostalgia when he saw the power point presentation which traced the origin of STECI in Mumbai and its growth, the painful split and the great rejoicing at being one again. There was a sparkle in his eyes when he saw the old pictures of his family, the other senior members who were with the Lord. He immediately wanted a copy of the presentation.
    We all acknowledge he was one of the architects who prayerfully sought and worked for the unification of the church. His answered prayers is the unified church now.
    He was a exemplary person, who was self made by the standards of the world, came to Bombay with minimum qualifications and acquired great academic degrees. His administrative and legal acumen led him in serving & heading some fine blue chip listed companies in Calcutta and later in Secunderabad.
    A fine committed christian, ever willing to contribute with his time and money and always eager to render sound advice, he served the church and JMBC in several capacities. He was a “regular” at all the church conferences and meetings. We were fortunate to have him as our guest when we hosted the BKD at Sion, Mumbai.
    On this solemn day we salute a great man who few will be able to emulate but aspire we must. We uphold and pray for his daughters and their families who he leaves behind.
    As for Him, we grieve but a little, at his passing away but rejoice immensely that we will meet him on the other shore in due time.
    He now joins our other dear ones who went ahead.
    Rejoice always for this is the will of God.
    Praise God for a fine life. I write this Requiem on behalf of the Vicar Rev Prakash John and members of the Bhandup parish.
    George Eapen.
    Secretary, Bhandup Mumbai parish.


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