North India Mission Trip: St. Thomas Mission School – Amla

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Beloved in Christ,

During the time of our North India Mission Trip we stayed in Amla for 4 days. Our St Thomas Mission School (STMS) is a great moral support for the ministry here. School is progressing very well. We had the privilege to interview one of the STMS graduate, Pranav, who got into IIT Khanpur. Below is a picture of Pranav with Rev. Jobi Mathew. He appreciated the Church for its contributions. Before he left he came to our school and prayed with us. The school is in need of committed teachers, good library, a lab, more computers and a school bus. The locals are forcing the school to start 11th and 12th. Please pray and if we can do something like donating books, computers even used and other lab items it will be of great help. We had a good time of fellowship with the local missionaries, school teachers and the missionary trainees. Please continue to uphold St Thomas Mission School in your prayers

With love and prayers

Presty Thomas



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