Photos: Discipleship Camp 2011

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Dear All,

Thank you so much for your prayers. The camp went well by God’s grace. 39 youngsters attended the camp for full time. Few youngsters had to leave by Saturday due to exams and other reasons. We praise God for the godly people who lead different sessions. God used them abundantly to touch the lives of youngsters. Please continue to pray for these youngsters so that they’ll raise up for God in their generation…All glory and honor to our Lord alone…


Photos by Asish Jacob

Picture 004.jpgPicture 007.jpgPicture 010.jpgPicture 012.jpgPicture 014.jpgPicture 018.jpgPicture 021.jpgPicture 022.jpgPicture 025.jpgPicture 026.jpgPicture 028.jpgPicture 031.jpgPicture 032.jpgPicture 054.jpgPicture 036.jpgPicture 001.jpgPicture 038.jpgPicture 040.jpgPicture 041.jpgPicture 042.jpgPicture 044.jpgPicture 046.jpgPicture 047.jpgPicture 049.jpgPicture 050.jpgPicture 052.jpgPicture 055.jpgPicture 056.jpgPicture 057.jpgPicture 058.jpgPicture 060.jpgPicture 063.jpgPicture 064.jpgPicture 067.jpgPicture 068.jpgPicture 070.jpgPicture 071.jpgPicture 072.jpgPicture 073.jpgPicture 075.jpgPicture 076.jpgPicture 078.jpgPicture 081.jpgPicture 082.jpgPicture 083.jpgPicture 084.jpgPicture 087.mpg

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