Prayer Request: Mr. Thampy Varghese

Dear Fellow Belivers,

Thampy Varghese is at Holy Redeemer Hospital. He had  surgery done yesterday and is still in ICU. He is in isolation room. Please continue to pray for him.

Also,pray for Salamma and Christine that God may give them grace during this difficult time.

In Christ,
Rev. M. V. Abraham

Dear Fellow Believers,

Last night Mr.Thampy Varghese was taken to Holy Redeemer hospital due to breathing problem. Tests are being done to diagnose the problem. For more information please contact Christin (Cell 267 901 8125) or Salamma (267 205 6940)

Please pray. Young people and children, please pass this message to your parents.


In Christ,
Rev. M. V. Abraham

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