Reminiscing an Evangelical Legend

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Dearly beloved Prayer partners, Supporters and Friends

We have decided to publish two books about Rev. P.I.Mathai and Bishop P.John Varghese respectively. Rarely, do we come across people who can influence human destiny in their own life time, and if at all, they appear only once in a very long while.

Very. Rev. P.T. Chandapilla was very keen to see their work and vision to be published by the Hindi Belt Mission. But we could not achieve that during his period.

The work of the book on the life of Rev. P.I. Mathai (Plavumkal Achen) is almost completed and we are looking forward to release the book in English during our General Convention 2012 at Tiruvalla. Please pray for the work to be completed in time.

Reminiscing an Evangelical Legend
A tribute to Plavumkal Achen

“The Christian Community in Kerala has witnessed eminent leaders who have enriched the community in many ways. These legends and luminaries are remembered and cherished for their unceasing faith, ardent witness, and faithful service. The Plavumkal Achen (Rev. P.I. Mathai) is one such eminent leader who has found a prominent place in the history of the Kerala Christians for his faithful service to God”
Dr. Joseph George UTC, Bangalore


If you want to book a copy of the same, you may contact :-

Rev. Ninan Zachariah (
P.C.Matthai (

Rev. Ninan V. Zachariah
Executive Director
Hindi Belt Mission

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