Rev. Jobi Mathew: North India Mission Trip – Amla

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Hello All,

Hope you all are doing well.

After a long time I am getting a chance to get on the internet and send you an email.

By God’s grace we all are doing well. Mission trip is going on well. At present we are in Ranchi in Jharkhand state. I left JMBC on July 13 and joined with the other two brothers. We stayed in Amla for 4 days. Our train reached Amla 12 hours late due to  some kind of strike in Telangana region. In Amla the work is progressing well. The school is a great moral support for the ministry here. We stayed with Ninan achen. Meetings were arranged and we had the privilege of speaking to the local trainees, teachers and in Amla parish believers on Sunday. We also could visit few villages in Amla. School is progressing very well. I had the privilege to interview one of the St Thomas Mission School graduate who got in to IIT was amazing to see how he spoke in very good English. He appreciated the Church for its contributions. Before he left he came to our school and Prayed with us. The school is need of committed teachers, good library, a lab, more computers and a school bus. The locals are forcing the school to start 11th and 12th. Please pray and if we can do something like donating books, computers even used and other lab items it will be of great help. We had a good time of fellowship with the local missionaries ,School teachers and the missionary trainees. We could also spend time with Rev. Santosh Gulbake who is our first Hindi speaking achen a fruit of Amla mission. From Amla we went to visit our Sevini Samajam orphanage in Dondi. We also could spend time with Dr Mathai (Person behind starting CFSC Dondi)who is very week but still active. Spent time with our Children in CFSC. Then visited Rev O. P. Paulose and his family with whom i had the privilege to work in Amla from 1996. Then we got in to the local train to get to Raipur and in a bus for 2 and half hours  to reach Jalap where we a boy’s home (Dallas Parish Sevini Samajam send supports for this ministry) and the next day we went to Bhoring village visited local missionaries and believers. They arranged a meeting with local believers in a place where we just started anew ministry. It was a blessing. (In all the meetings God helped me with my Hindi so that I could speak in Hindi and translate to Hindi.) We stayed with Roy achen for one more day visited George sir family and listened to ammachy (AC achen’s Mother in Law) about how the ministry started there which was very much encouraging. The boys home has 24 children, mostly children who are abandoned or having no care from their families or local believers who cannot afford to give them proper care. Roy achen’s vision for this kind of ministry is encouraging. They need more facilities, a cow (Indian Rs. 30,000) so that they can have enough milk. From Raipur we had to change couple of trains to reach the next place that is Ranchi in Jharkhand state where K G Mathew achen is stationed. They arranged a meeting in a village which is 70 KMS away. We had to hire a jeep as the road condition was very bad went through the naxal area. We showed a Christian movie Dayasagar, Vinod a Hindu convert who came with me from Kerala shared his testimony and i gave a short message. We had the privilege of having the local food for the night. KG Mathew achen and three local missionaries were with us. They really need a jeep, a generator (as there is no electricity in villages) their own to be more effective. We also had a very bad experience. As we were doing the ministry some people from the village have stolen the jeep’s spare tire and other few things in the jeep. Before they did any more damage some of us went to check the jeep which avoid more damage. We left the village around 11:30 in the night  through the naxal affected 70 kms which was fearful but trusted in the LORD and reached home safely around 1am.,The ministry here is not with our challenges and risks so they really appreciate our prayers for their safety and effectiveness and required tools so that they can be more effective. Tonight we will be leaving for the last leg of our missionary to reach Patna in Bihar state where our Jerish achen and other missionaries are stationed. We will be there for 4 days and God willing after almost a month (June 27-June 26) i will be reaching Kerala. Please continue to Pray for us so that we will continue to enjoy good health and safety. We all experienced the effects of your Prayers. Thank you so much. Other than the trains late arrival we  and the incident in Pali Village yesterday it was a smooth trip so far. Please pray for the need and if the LORD directs you do something please do it so that our missionaries who are committed in these difficult areas can be more effective. I also encourage you to visit these fields and i know for sure that you will be challenged and motivated. May be God willing we can plan and have a same kind of trip with some of you next time. My family is doing well in Kerala. Though i miss their presence with me, we keep in touch whenever we can. Hoping and praying that will make such trip as a family next time. Internet is not available everywhere and phones won’t work everywhere, so please understand my delayed communication with you. More than i wrote here in this email so much more we could see and experience which i may share and show you when i come back.

Hope you all are doing well. Praying for you all. Wherever we went, people appreciated your support, Prayers and also sending me here, which helped  in a small way to encourage the believers and workers and we give all the glory to the LORD. Please continue to remember them in our Prayers. Where ever we went we could see and be encouraged by the amazing work of the LORD and the great number of new believers. May the LORD continue His work and Let us also get involved in whatever ways we can. May God be with us all. If Possible at the end of the mission trip i will try to update you more. I encourage you all to think about a small trip here so that you will see much more that what i wrote here.

With Prayers and Love.

For you in the LORD’s service

Rev. Jobi Mathew

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