Rev. John V. John is suffering from mild strokes in the brain arteries

Rev. John V. John, former Treasurer of our Sabha is suffering from mild strokes in the brain arteries. He was admitted in the Indo-American Brain & Spine Hospital, Vaikam and later moved to Sri Chitira Hospital, Thiruvananathapuram as directed by the doctors at Vaikam. Some improvements in his health condition was visible while at Sri Chitira Hospital Thiruvananthapuram and then discharged.

But again the symptoms of stroke occurred and he was taken to Armita Hospital Ernakulam. As of now he has been discharged and at home in Mannamaruthi, Ranny as advised by the doctors. However, Achen’s health condition has not been improved much. Achen need assistance to walk and he has difficulties to speak. Please remember him in your prayers

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24/07/2015 6:59 PM

our prayers

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