Update: Rev. P.T.Chandapilla

Dear Friends

I am very glad to inform you that God has answered our prayers and healed our beloved Rev P T Chandapilla of his bed sores. He still takes food through the tube, but he is able to sit for some time. He also can communicate, though he does not speak much. A couple of times, a few pieces of ‘Idli” (steamed rice cake) were given orally. Thank you for all your prayers and concern. Thank you for helping the word spread to all those who are concerned about Rev P T Chandapilla.

I did receive many of your letters which told stories of how Rev Chandapilla has influenced several of you. I would like to hear from as many friends of such stories and compile it for the blessing of others. Please do write if you have a special story of how ‘Chanda’ has touched you in a special way.

I am currently in the US, but will keep you posted of any further news of the health of Rev P T Chandapilla.

Yours in the bonds of Christ

Rev John M Prasad

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I would like to know the latest about Rev.P T.chandapilla

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