Update: Rev. P.T.Chandapilla

Dear friends

This is an update on the health of Rev P T Chandapilla. Some of you might have received a mail that I sent a week ago about his health. Due to deteriorating health, he was admitted for five days at Madras Medical Mission Hospital in Chennai. He was becoming very weak and was not taking proper food for about a month. At the hospital they were able to give him food through a rice tube, which is continuing even now. But this brought about some relief to him and he is much better. 

He was discharged from the hospital on the 3rd, last week. He is now back at JMBC hospital facility. However, there is not any significant change in his general condition. But he is able to sit up for some time, communicate feebly. We are still giving him food through the rice tube. It was noticed that he has developed a mild bedsore too. Please pray that he will recover from that bedsore.   We have bought an alfa-bed for him, which will give some protection from further bedsores. (It is a kind of air-inflated bed, which changes pressure from place to place.) We have our JMBC doctors and nurses attending on him besids the full time caretaker Jeyaraj. Please pray for Jeyaraj, the doctors and the nurses.  

I will further update you if there is any new news.

Yours in the bonds of Christ

Rev John M Prasad

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I would like to know the latest about Rev.P T.chandapilla

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