Update: Rev. P.T.Chandapilla

Dear friends,  

This is an update on the health of our Chairman Rev. P.T. Chandapilla.    For the last one month there was a slow decline in his health and he became very weak.  Achen was not eating well and there was some level of incontinence too.    In this context, we felt that it was better to admit him in a good hospital and have some investigations done.  Therefore, we admitted him at the Madras Medical Mission hospital on Wednesday, the 26th of September.  Thorough investigations were done.    The doctors have started giving food through a tube which has slightly improved his condition.  They have discharged him on 1st of October.  We are giving him similar care in our hospital.  Achen is fully conscious and alert and recognizes people.  But he doesn’t talk much.  Please continue to pray for him. 

Yours in Christ,

Rev. John M. Prasad
Principal, JMBC

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I would like to know the latest about Rev.P T.chandapilla

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