STECI Clergy Rehabilitation Fund

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All the Parishes & Vicars,
St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.

Respected Achens and Dear Brethern,

Greetings from the Sabha Office in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

May His name be praised and glorified in all the parishes and mission fields of our Church.

I am writing this important letter to seek your co-operation and support regarding the welfare of our Achens and their families. This is particularly in connection with the passing away of our Dear Rev. C.A. Chacko on 31st May, 2007 after serving the Lord through our Church so faithfully.

The Sabha Council which met on 17/08/2007 discussed the rehabilitation of Rev. C.A. Chacko Achen’s family and decided the following:

  • The Sabha council decided to give a monthly allowance, equivalent to the amount Chacko Achen was receiving at the time of his death (Rs.4,000/-) This will be given to the family till his retirement age of 65 which will be completed in March 2013. After that the family will continue to receive a family pension from the LIC Pension Scheme.

  • In order to arrange the above family allowance, it was resolved to set up a fund of Rs.4 Lakhs called “The STECI Clergy Rehabilitation Fund”, with the co-operation of all the parishes in the Church. Interests from this endowment fund will be earmarked to pay the monthly welfare allowance of Chacko Achen’s family.

  • The above fund will continue to be a standing fund in the Church to cater to similar needs which may occur in the future.

 I request you to contribute a good amount towards the above fund from your parish, if possible before 30th of November, 2007.

If any of the parishes have already sent an amount towards this rehabilitation Fund to the Sabha Office, you may kindly ignore this letter.

Thanking you for your kind Co-operation.

Yours Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Thomas Abraham
Sabha Secretary

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