Very Rev. P. T. Chandapilla

We express our deep heartfelt condolence for the home going of our beloved Very Rev. P.T. Chandapilla. We praise God for the very meaningful and blessed life Achen lived.
As a church we are grateful to God for all his contributions to the church and for his commitments to the church and its mission. JMBC and Hindi Belt Mission are vivid examples of the heavenly vision that God has imprinted on his heart. As a stalwart his contribution was great. His memory always will inspire discipline, simplicity and dedication. He was a faithful disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, a valiant soldier of the cross, a powerful preacher of the Word of God.
We know that his departure is a great loss to our church and to the cause of the gospel. As a child of God he is now promoted to glory for his reward. It is our blessed hope in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.
May the Lord God of all comfort be with we all and fill us with peace and hope that the World does not know.
With prayers
On behalf of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, its Sabha Council, Boards, and all the Bishops
Rev. C. K. Jacob
Sabha Secretary

Very Rev. P. T. Chandapilla, retired Vicar General of the St Thomas Evangelical Church of India, and the Founding Chairman of Jubilee Memorial Bible College, Chennai went to be with the Lord on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 9.30 p.m Indian time at a hospital in Chennai. He was bedridden for some time now and developed some complications on Friday and died on Saturday.
The body will be brought to Jubilee Memorial Bible College Chapel on the 7th, Tuesday morning and there will be a service there around 10.00 am. Then his mortal remains will be taken to Tiruvalla in Kerala by road where he will be buried in the specially prepared grave on the premises of the Headquarters of the Denomination, along with three other distinguished servants of God in the history of the St Thomas Evangelical Church. The service in Tiruvalla is scheduled to be held at 11.00 a.m on Wednesday, the 8th.
We praise God for the marvelous ways in which God used this servant of His to glorify His name.

Funeral – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Body will brought to Sabha Central Chapel at 8.30 a.m.
Viewing will be from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
Service will begin at 11.30 a.m.

External Links:

Audio: Qualifications: The Man God Uses (English),
Inter-Varsity Missionary Convention (1964)
Audio: God wants to bless us (English and Malayalam)
Audio: Pilgrim, Stranger, Steward (English and Malayalam)

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  • Rev. Dr. M. J. Thomas
    December 5, 2010 5:41 am

    Dear Achens,
    I just heard that our beloved Chandapilla Achen breathed his last and was promoted into glory.All of you must have already got the news. However, I am writing this to let you know that Achen and I were close friends for a long time. He was member of my parish in Delhi from 1965 to 67. During that time we had entered into a close fellowship and partnership. After his ordination we were more close and we praise the Lord for his vision and zeal. JMBC and Hindi Belt Mission are vivid examples of the heavenly vision that God had imprinted on his heart. Now he is rejoicing with the Lord!.
    He suffered a lot, physically but he was a message and challenge to all from his sick bed.May God comfort his daughter and family , JMBC family, Hindi Belt Family and STECI family!
    With praises and thanksgiving for Chanapilla Achen.
    Yours in His love

  • Rev. John M. Prasad
    December 5, 2010 5:45 am

    Presented on the 6th of November, 2010:
    To Our beloved Very Rev P T Chandapilla achen
    Separated by the Lord from his mother’s womb
    Called by God to lead his people
    Became a pilgrim in this strange land
    Sojourner to the most desirable destination, beyond the earthly
    Chose to be a servant in the pilgrim journey
    Saw strange ways of God in his life such as
    Poverty, nursing profession, noted student at Columbia Biblical Seminary
    Student ministry pioneer, visionary for the Church and India;
    Challenged, encouraged, trained, modeled and shaped many lives
    Leaving permanent impact in their lives
    An impact that will make ripples for generations to come.
    The feeble frame of earthly make
    Enclosing a strong stranger who was always ready to fly beyond
    Whose sight inspires, assures, challenges and leads the beholder
    We praise God for calling you, shaping you and giving you
    To us, to the Church, to India and to all God’s people
    May His name be glorified and your heart be encouraged
    As you hear these words from all of us in the St Thomas Evangelical Church of India
    On the occasion of the 31st Bahya Kerala Conference at Jubilee Memorial Bible College
    And the 50th year of the St Thomas Evangelical Church of India

  • Rev. Jeet Singh
    December 5, 2010 5:48 am

    Biography of Rev P.T. Chandapilla – By Rev. Jeet Singh:

  • Philipose Vaidyar
    December 5, 2010 7:53 am

    I have had any personal interaction with Rev.P.T.Chandapilla only thrice or so. (I saw him a few more times on his sickbed). First in Pune during 1988 though I heard about him in 1986. He was admitted in a hospital and a few of us (Sajan, Stanly, Jose and I) visited the hospital. He was wearing complete white dress, as I remember vividly, he spoke while being on the bed. Talked to us. I was in Pune at UBS for BD and I must have introduced myself to him. Later the next day, Rev. C.V. Mathew (now Bishop of the Church) told me this: ‘that I did not introduce myself to him as the nephew of M. K. Abraham’. Rev. C.V. Mathew obviously introduced me to him with that reference though I could not think on that line then. He felt bad that he could not talk to me with that background. Prof. M.K. Abraham (my maternal uncle) was the first secretary of Kerala EGF before UESI Kerala was decentralized. They had longer associations through the UESI and the Church.
    The next time I met Chandappilla Achen on UBS campus, he was wearing a khadi long saffron colour kurtha. (This time I reintroduced myself).
    The third time, it was in Kerala during 2005/2006 during the STECI convention. He was powerful, vibrant in his message that night and proclaimed profoundly many of his desires about the Church and its mission. where I had met him at the vestry and we had some meaningful talk about one old senior friend of him and of UESI. The man of God asked me in response to one of my question, “…. can you do that?” “I shall” h…as been close to my heart. My hats off to this man of God

  • Jossy Varghese
    December 5, 2010 3:18 pm

    I met Chandapilla Achen fist time at one of the Conference of UESI in 1978. After I had reached Bombay and become a part of the BKD council I had a lot of chances to interact with this great man of God. And after he came as a Vicar of Ulhasnagar Parish from 1996 – 1998 we become more closer. He had stayed in our house at a number of occasions and has shared various things. He was a man of great vision, so humble, so concern about the members of his church and so committed to the cause of the Mission. Due to his death we have lost a great visionary for our Church. It is my humble wish and prayer that the Almighty God raise many such great leaders for our Church with a clear vision to lead the Church in right direction.

  • Very Rev. P.T Chandapilla a visionary, servant leader and a beacon gone Home to receive his reward from his Beloved Master Lord Jesus Christ. Winning the souls for Jesus was his passion, he finished his race well,his contributions to STECI and Jubilee has been unique. In the year 1989 as I was working as an evnagelist at Panvel ,New Bombay under the Evangelisitic Board of STECI , Chandapilla Atchen invited me to teach at JMBC, since then me and my family had close association with Atchen. His ideals and lifestyles were so unique,straightforwardness, humbleness and simplicity was his supreme goals. Atchen willingly sacrificed everything for the sake of the gospel, Master becoming the servant was his inspiration,standing at the end of the line was ideal to him. Atchen practiced what he preached. As he was bedridden for many years he never complained or murmured,always he used to say I AM ALRIGHT. We as a Church miss him, it is my humble wish and prayer that his life may continue to inspire us and Our sovereign Lord may raise many such servant leaders with a clear vision and mission to lead our Church. I Salute this servant of Lord Jesus Christ. REST IN PEACE DEAR ATCHEN.

  • Rev Jobi Mathew
    December 5, 2010 9:53 pm

    I Thank the Lord for the life and ministry of our dear Chandapilla achen.As a visionary, servant leader P Chandapilla achen was very influential figure in my life as I went to Amla Mission field as pioneer missionary .His classes on Serventhood are stll fresh in my memory, though it was 16 years ago.This is my prayer that may God raise many from us to be like Chandapilla achen

  • Satya Chakrapani
    December 6, 2010 2:46 am

    Rev. Chandapilla , the man of God whom I never met but who was always inspiration to me. My desired to meet him in person remained unfulfilled. His services to the church and society will always be remembered. His simple lifestyle has inspired many and continue to guide to build this nation. We are going to miss him , his integrity and forthrightness. May God raise many people of such character.

  • • Very Rev. P.T Chandapilla a visionary, servant leader and a beacon gone Home to receive his reward from his Beloved Master Lord Jesus Christ. Winning the souls for Jesus was his passion, he finished his race well, and his contributions to STECI & JMBC are never anybody can forget. His lifestyles were also so unique. He stayed with us several times during the posting at Fort- Parish (at present Kalina) Due to his death we lost a great visionary of our Church. It is my humble wish and prayer that God Almighty raises many such great leaders for our Church with a clear vision to lead the Church in right direction.
    Achen stands true to the verse ‘I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me crown of righteousness’ (Tim. 4:7.8)

  • My brother informed me of the passing of “Brother Chanda”, the way he was affectionately known to his colleagues at the national office of the UESI, where I served as his assistant for about six months in 1972. Although I did not quite share with his inflexible passion, theologically we were on the same page. He was warm, wise and witty with dry sense of humor.
    I am grateful for one atypical lesson I discerned from my first paid employment under his leadership. He was always ‘out there’ gravely caught up in fixing the whole world at the expense of his family! I chose to be a bit selfish. I was compelled to define ministry in my own way as I am not married to church or Jesus. In fact, I shall always be immensely grateful for my time with him in Madras where Joyan and I met at a national gathering. Native Americans say, ”when you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in a manner so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice”. Also, I am very pleased that my cousin ( presiding bishop of his denomination) will be providing episcopal leadership of the Service of Thanksgiving celebrating the life of a good follower of Jesus, our Messiah.
    The Rev. Dr. John Theckekolathu Mathew, Canfield United Church of Canada & Huntington University, Canada

  • Reji & Betsy, Pune
    December 6, 2010 12:15 pm

    Achen will live in our memories as he has impacted several of us, modelling his life as an exposition of the sermon on the mount.
    Several of his sermons (both public speeches and private conversations) will continue to echo in our ears (and hearts).
    News on dear Achen’s passing away came to us in the evening of 5th Dec, when in Mumbai as a UESI- Maharashra team, we were working out our plans for 2011, our golden jubilee year. We were talking of Rev PT Chandapilla (the then Bro Chanda of UESI ), who played the vital role in 1961 in encouraging bro. TE Koshy for starting the UESI work in Bombay, bringing Maharshtra in the UESI-map.
    UESI across the country will ever be thankful to God for dear Achen, who set the vision of UESI in motion across the country during his tenure as a staff.
    May the Lord enable us to catch up with the cause for which dear Achen lived and ministered..,
    Reji & Betsy,

  • Mumbai Kalina Parish
    December 6, 2010 12:19 pm

    We the Vicar and the members of STECI Kalina Parish are deeply moved by the demise of our dear beloved and Very Rev. P.T. Chandapilla, former Vicar of our parish and Vicar General of our Church. Very Rev. Chandapilla, a devotee and a pious saint, will always be remembered and cherished in our hearts, as one of the greatest personalities, who provided leadership qualities to the Church in India as well as abroad. He passionately articulated the integrity and dignity of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India all over. He will be remembered for his significant role played in the Hindi belt mission, which is flourishing like a hub our church mission in north India. He was also totally involved in establishment and growth of JMBC Chennai.
    We thank our God almighty for his life and testimony and we convey our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and all the members of St. Thomas Evangelical church of India and his various friends and admirers abroad.
    “ The breath that has flown by, The sprit that still remains alive, The happiness of a lifetime, That was spread alive.’
    Achen stands true to the verse ‘I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me crown of righteousness. (2 Tim. 4. 7-8)
    A visionary, missionary, a servant and a torch bearer of Christ passed away by the flesh but still remains alive leaving the legacy of the Godly footprints behind.
    Secretary, STECI, KALINA, MUMBAI

  • Ulhasnagar Parish
    December 6, 2010 2:15 pm

    We are very sad to listen the demise of one of our former vicar Beloved Chandapilla Achen. We as a Parish was very much blessed with his prayer support and his wonderful messages. His simple life was an example to all. His dedication to spread the Gospel to the different people group was praiseworthy. His servant leadership and deep concern and love towards the Church is commendable. His commitment has motivated many of the youngsters to dedicate their lives for the Gospel.
    We have lost a very humble servant of God who loved the Nation and Church.
    We pray to the Lord Almighty for the blessings of the burial service to be held on Wednesday at Tiruvalla. May the service motivate many to dedicate their lives for the spreading of the Gospel.
    STECI Ulhasnagar Parish

  • I thank God for Chandapilla achen’s vison and service to UESI, STECI, JMBC and India.
    Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.
    –Psalm 116:15

  • Kirkee-Pune Parish says
    December 7, 2010 2:36 am

    The Vicar & Members of the St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Kirkee-Pune Parish express deep sorrow to hear the sad demise of our beloved Very
    Rev.P.T.Chandapilla. STECI lost one of the pioneers.
    Chandapilla Achen was our Vicar for quite a long time. Achen’s contributions to the parish will never be forgotton. He was an inspiration to us. His powerful messages still sound in our heart. He was a guide and Guru to us. A loving and compassionate person selflessly worked for the expansion of Lord’s Kingdom. He was a person lived with Gandhian priinciples with Christian values. He was a roaring lion in Missionary field. By his demise a powerful Christian soldier lost to the gospel world.
    “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints” Psa.116.15.
    Secretary, STECI Kirkee-Pune Parish.

  • fought well, lived well, finished well

  • Revd. Basil Scott
    December 7, 2010 7:38 am

    We thank God for every remembrance of our dear brother, Chandapilla, who graciously welcomed us to serve as his colleagues and staffworkers of the UESI. May God be greatly glorified tomorrow in the funeral service in Tiruvalla when he is laid to rest.
    Basil & Shirley Scott, John & Jane Martin, Elizabeth Clark, Serena Gledhill, Michael Roemmele and Jean Palmquist.

  • watch this movie about dear chandapilla achen

  • Rev John M Prasad
    December 7, 2010 11:34 am

    Dear Friends of Chandapilla achen,
    I knew achen wanted to fly away. But for me, like all others of us of JMBC community, to see him even in a condition where he did not speak, was enough inspiration and assurance. Just looking at him gave us courage and confidence to WALK IN HIS STEPS, to look beyond this perishable world, to hope for a better body and a better land.
    Oh world of glamour and glitter, what attraction you hold, when we can see what this great servant of the Lord could see with eyes that looked beyond!
    He was not foolish in throwing away what many would be dying to grab. He knew what worth those things were.
    He was not foolish when as a speaker at Urbana 1964, he left the luxury hotel that was arranged for him and went and stayed with the students in their dormitory. He lost the comfort of the luxury bed those few nights, but won the hearts of thousands of young men and women for ever.
    He was not foolish when he trusted those whom he knew were not trustworthy. In the process he transformed many untrustworthy young men and women to be those who are most trustworthy.
    God sent Chanda to us.
    Chandapilla achen WALKED IN HIS STEPS
    The Lord walked in front of him. The Lord was very near and close. How could it be difficult to WALK IN HIS STEPS, when He is walking right in front of you?
    Chanda was not foolish when he decided to walk in the footsteps of the Carpenter from Nazareth.
    Chanda knew where the Carpenter was headed to.
    How joyful he is today that he reached his destination following the Carpenter, whom the world despised once, but will fall prostrate before Him one day.
    Far is not the day that you and I will be able to see our beloved Chandapilla achen in the bosom of the Carpenter, whose footsteps he followed.
    Jubilee Community loved Chanda from the depth of our hearts.
    We loved to take care of him.
    We will miss him in the coming days.
    But we look forward to seeing him, not too long from now.
    We want to thank all those who stood with us as we cared for Chanda
    We want to thank all those who visited him, encouraged him, spent for him and prayed for him.
    God bless you all.
    Rev John M Prasad, Principal, JMBC

  • Rev. K.S. James, Bergenfield Parish
    December 7, 2010 12:00 pm

    Bergenfield Parish of STECI, express our deepest condolences at the passing away of Very. Rev. P.T. Chandapilla. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the death of our beloved Chandapilla achen. Achen had a tremendous impact on the lives of the members of our parish. Chandapilla achen’s life was a testament to the faithfulness of the Lord and his character was that of a servant leader; a true man of God. Achen lived up to what he preached and sang. His femiliar malayalam song was, “Yesuve Ninte Rupame ente Kannukalke ethra saundrayam Sishyanakunna enneyum ninnepoleyakkanam Muzhuvan.” This song literaly fulfilled in the life of achen.
    He fougt the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith.
    His contribution to the church of God and to STECI in particular will be remembered forever.
    For Bergenfield parish, USA
    Anil Varghese

  • rev.sam mathew
    December 7, 2010 12:38 pm

    Ahamedabad parish STECI express our deepest condolenees at the passing away of very Rev P T Chadapilla achen.As a parishwe thank God for chandapillai achen’s vision and service to St Thomas Evangelical Church of India. For Ahamedabad parish’ Vicar Rev Sam Mathew

  • Joseph Augustine - Bangalore
    December 7, 2010 12:45 pm

    I express my deepest condolences at the passing away of Very. Rev. P.T. Chandapilla.
    Rev. Chandapilla , the true servant of God whom I never met but was a great inspiration to me. Definitely he fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith, May Lord reward him eternally.

  • You can deny an ideology , a faith , a belief and even some of the scientific facts BUT you just can’t deny a life well lived. Achan is an example of denying himself for the sake of the kingdom of God. – unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies,it remains alone ; but if it dies , it produces much grain. Thanks be to God for Achan’s life and I am sure God will raise many more for his glory. May God provide strength to his family and raise a generation for His glory.

  • Chandapilla achen, you finished the race our Lord had set for you. It was never an easy path at all for you. But you remained faithful to the one who called you and He honoured you. You have touched many of our lives very deeply, and we thank God for every remembrence of you. May the Lord help each one of us, whom you touched, to live up to the role model you left behind. You combined Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa models and lived with the spirit of CHRIST in your personal life. Many in the younger generations , would find it difficult to believe that a person like you lived on this earth, in flesh and blood. But we know that because we saw you. Thanks be to God.

  • Rev. Abraham George
    December 7, 2010 1:46 pm

    The members of STECI North America and Europe Diocese express our heartfelt condolences on the home going of our dear and respected Very.Rev.P.T.Chandapilla Achen. We thank and praise God for Achen’s life and ministryt. His life and ministry is always a challenge and encouragement for us. His passion for the gospel will be remembered forever. We are proud and salute this great man of God who entered into glory.
    Rev.Abraham George

  • Rev. Abraham George
    December 7, 2010 2:06 pm

    Queens Parish of STECI express our sorrow and condolences on the home going of our respected P.T.Chandapilla Achen. His life and witness as a soldier for
    Christ and his humility in service to our Lord is a role model for all who have crossed his path. Praise God for this great servant of God.
    Rev. Abraham George
    Finny Abraham

  • Thakidiyil John Varghese
    December 7, 2010 3:54 pm

    Very Rev. Chandapilla achan is permanently released from his Life Sentence of this world. He joined with his loved ones in heaven.
    I can not forget his simplicity . He was the real Gandhian in spirit and the modern Vinoba Bhave in life. It is a great loss for our church.
    My hearty condolence to his family members.
    Thakidiyil John Varghese
    Philadelphia, USA

  • Very.Rev.T.K Thomas
    December 7, 2010 5:22 pm

    To Sabha Secretary, Rev. C.K. Jacob
    We as a church are in shock that our beloved Very. Rev. P.T. Chandaoilla was called from us to rest with the Heavenly Father. He was a man of God with vision in missionary activities. His service to our Church and individuals around the world was remarkable especially His contribution to the church and His commitment to our missions. JMBC, Sishya Ashram in madras and HBM are some milestones of his contribution. His departure is irreplaceable to our church and he’ll be truly missed by us all.
    We as a parish in the UK expressed our deep hearted sorrow during our service on 05/12/2010 and we decided to convey our condolence as a parish during the Funeral service on 08/12/2010. Please do this on behalf of all the members and the vicar of the UK evangelical community.
    We are prayring for the funeral service to be a blessing.
    Members and Vicar,
    UK Parish.

  • Very.Rev.T.K Thomas
    December 7, 2010 5:45 pm

    We are shocked and deeply grieved to hear the demise of our beloved Very Rev P T Chandapilla achen in Christ.
    His demise is a great loss to our Sabha; He was an undoubted and strong soldier of the true faith and traditions of the Sabha to the very end. He suffered a lot to protect and preserve it. He wanted to establish peace, peace with dignity and justice in our Sabha. His deep devotion, unbounded religious zeal and fervour, limitless love, his simplicity and prayerful life and sincere services to the Sabha are well known to everybody. He was a great shepherd and a spiritual leader, who carried the cross and followed his master our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is faithful and will reward him for his sincere and dedicated services for the Sabha; He was a great scholar for STECI in History
    We have always respected his wise and valuable suggestions in many matters connected to our Sabha and as well to our family.
    We share a deep grief and sorrow, as his demise is a great loss to our Sabha and as well as to our Family.
    Sincerely and heartfelt condolences from: – Very Rev T K Thomas

  • Issac,Shyla and Shalini (UK)
    December 7, 2010 6:05 pm

    Our deepest condolences and sympathy for our Beloved Achen.He was part of our family best friend and true brother of our Father and Grandad Late Mr A I George (Kolkata Parish).
    We will truly miss him in our personal life and in Church. He was the reason for our marriage. His teachings and doctrines will always be remembered.Very much wanted to be a part of the funernal service.Sincerely praying that it may be a blessing for all.
    Issac,Shyla and Shalini
    Members of STECI (UK)

  • a.m. john & family, philadelphia, pa (usa)
    December 7, 2010 7:56 pm

    We wish to convey our deepest condolence and sympathy to very rev. chandapilla achen on his passing away and reached the destination. We had several opportunity to hear his messages from the word of God. We cannot forget his love, care and committment to the word of God. We have been blessed on the first cottage prayer meeting of 2001 (January 1st week) of STECI-safdarjang parish arranged at achen’s vasant kunj residence while we were at STECI-New Delhi (Khanpur) Parish. His teachings and doctrines well remembered by those who ever had a chance to hear him through out the world. His call back home is a loos to STECI. Please convey our hearful prayers to achen’s daughter Susan and children. May God Bless.
    A.M. John & family
    STECI-Philadelphia Parish

  • Rev. K.B. Kuruvilla
    December 7, 2010 8:51 pm

    Deep condolences for our beloved Chandipilla achen’s departure from this world. May God comfort us and help his life on earth continue to inspire future generations.Rev. P.T. Chandipilla has truly fought the good fight, you will continue to inspire future generations to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.
    Rev. K.B. Kuruvilla
    STECI- Houston Parish

  • Lijoy K George
    December 7, 2010 9:53 pm

    Singapore STECI Worship Group express our deepest condolenees at the passing away of very Rev P T Chadapilla achen. We thank God for chandapillai achen’s vision and service to St Thomas Evangelical Church of India, especially towards the People in India.
    For Singapore Worship Group
    Lijoy K George

  • Saji and Susanna Varghese
    December 7, 2010 10:10 pm

    We praise God for the life of beloved Chandapilla atchen. He was a visionary, a missionary and a great leader. We remember his spirit of passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the spreading of His Gospel. He influenced us personally in so many ways and for that we are grateful. And while we miss him, we rejoice that he is Home, with the Servant King.
    Saji, Susanna, Sahana and Rahel Varghese.
    Columbia, SC

  • Achen, you will be missed greatly. I still remember Sunday services in Pune with you, your visits home, both in Pune and JMBC and several other instances where our paths crossed. I am blessed to be able to say that you had a lot to do with where I am today. I praise God for you and the life you lived.

  • Rev.Dr.Thomas Varghese
    December 7, 2010 10:22 pm

    Very Rev.P.T.Chadapilla was like a father figure for our family.He stood with us especially when we were facing various challenges in our work area. He remembered each of us by name.Our church lost a stalwart. . Though we are unable to attend the funneral we are praising and thanking God for achen’s life.As family we condole the passing away of dear Chadapilla achen.
    Rev.Dr.Thomas Varghese(Ivanachen) Bangalore.

  • REv. Dr. Paul Pathickal
    December 7, 2010 10:25 pm

    I have known Chandapilla Achen from 1964 when we were working in Delhi. He was working among the students and I was teaching in a college. He used to come to the Delhi Parish in Lajpat Nagar on a bicycle with his trade mark Khaki Mundu and shirt with a bag on his shoulder with his Bible, traveling almost 25 miles one way He invited me to the student meetings he was leading in Old Delhi. No one else would do such things in the hot summers and cold winters in Delhi. He was a man of simple life style. Rev.Joseph Noveson is right: “He lived like Mother Theresa but thought like John Calvin”.
    After we came to Philadelphia he visited us several times and stayed with us whenever he came to the U.S. I was not able to accede to one request he made to me. When he was about to establish JMBC he asked me to go to Madras and take up the work there. Because I had two young daughters I was not able to do that. Also I had filed immigration papers for all my siblings to come to the U.S. When an immigrant family comes to the U.S. some one has to support them at least for a few months if not longer. I know he was not pleased with my answer. After I was ordained as a presbyter in 2000 I visited JMBC. At that time he got hold of me and pulled at my belt and said that he was happy to see me as a presbyter of the Church. He asked to me to come to JMBC whenever I could and teach classes there. The last time I went there to teach a course I saw his frail body. He was able to sit up and talked to me for a few minutes.
    We have lost a great servant of the Lord and a visionary leader of the Church. Let us console ourselves by the fact that all his trials and tribulations are over as he was promoted to glory and that we will be able to see his radiant face in eternity one day in the company of our Lord.

  • John & Sophy Abraham, Bergenfield, NJ
    December 7, 2010 10:27 pm

    Our beloved Chandapilla achen was the greatest man we knew who lived and walked amongst us. He truly embodied the life of Christ by his unique passion and zeal not just for India but for humanity as a whole. He was a servant amongst others and lived a life of humility practicing servant leadership in its true form. A father figure for all of us will be sorely missed but his spirit and legacy lives on in all of us. Our deepest condolences to the family and to all those who mourn for him now.

  • We honor and praise God for the life and legacy of dear Chandapilla achan. I remember the long conversations he and I had when he was here in US for his first NAFYC. I had the honor of being mistaken for his daughter because we spend so much time together. I will cherish those memories, the talks, the love and the “mistaken identity” forever.
    Bobby, Sony and Jairen John
    Steci – Philadelphia

  • John and Aney Mathew
    December 7, 2010 10:42 pm

    We like to share our deepest sorrow and condolence with the rest of the church family and for achen’s daughter, Susan. We had the opportunity to host Achen and kochamma in 1988 and 1995 when he came to Philadelphia. We still remember the times spent with achen, to discuss his vision for a Bible college (now, JMBC) and the need for an outreach for the hindi speaking population in North India (now, Hindi Belt Mission). Achen was a warrior for Christ and he expected the rest of the church to stand up for Christ like he did. STECI has lost a great leader and visionary; may God raise effective leaders for JMBC and our Church.
    John, Aney, and Jency Mathew
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • I met Very Rev. Chandapilla for the first time in SAIACS Bangalore, where I was doing my M.Th. studies. He came to teach classes on discipleship. Many nights after dinner, we walked a long time and had a lot of conversation, both of us sharing our thoughts on different subjects. Chandapilla achan loved the Lord and loved his fellow human being as Jesus did. JMBC was the outcome of his vision for evagelization of India. The life he led continually brought honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. My heartfelt condolences to his family and to St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.

  • Rev. & Mrs. P. M. Abraham, Queens Parish, NY
    December 7, 2010 11:59 pm

    Praise God for Chandapilla achen’s valuable contribution to our church, his missionary vision for India and his call. We thank the Lord for his life and testimony.

  • Varughese John
    December 8, 2010 12:35 am

    As a good disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, atchen imitated the Master Trainer well. Lord, please give us another servant like him.
    -Preetha, Ashish, Mary and Varughese, Northfield, Minnesota

  • Susan D'Souza-Chandapilla
    December 8, 2010 12:37 am

    I am sorry I am unable to be present at the Funeral of my father, Rev. P.T.Chandapilla. On behalf of my daughters, Sneha Schwab, Shobha Vadimlamani, Sushil Joseph-D’Souza, Siddharth D’Souza and myself, I want to thank the St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India and the Staff, Faculty and students of JMBC and particularly Dr. Karunakaran and other medical staff who cared for my father and have brought him “home”.
    I was hoping soon to be able to bring my father “Papa” home to us as a family and to care for him before he departed and to this end I have worked. But while this dream seemed to come to getting closer the Lord took him.
    I do not see this, as God’s judgement, as some would think, but I see this as God’s most timely intervention. For those who knew him closely enough and knew me and my circumstances, my father lingered on beyond his own physical strength to stand by me until our work together was finished! In this he suffered greatly.
    In the last 10 years since my mother’s death, the battle was fierce and my father and I were physically separated. In this time he suffered deeply and anguished for me. Our meetings were sporadic even our conversations but the few moments we had to speak or even to meet each other were capsuled with tremendous power and he imparted strength and vision and character to me and enabled me to fight alone, trusting the Lord Jesus, my Savior and our Father God, who has been my Father, shown by my Papa since I was a child.
    My father, as any good father would, did not leave me alone…
    he left me with my family …. four children who otherwise in the storms of live would have scattered,
    he left me with the vision … John 12: 24… except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone. But when it dies it brings forth great fruit.
    he left me with the direction to remain a disciple and to “take up my cross daily and follow” Christ.
    he left me without fear … “do not fear for I (Christ) am with you always”.
    he left me with a challenge to die dreaming and to dream bigger and bigger and to place my dreams beside the dreams that God had for me and to find out how small my dreams were before the dreamsmy heavenly Father had for me… Ephesians 3:20,
    he left me with the real lesson of learning to “hope beyond hope”,
    he left me with my mother tongue … Hindi
    he left me with the language of our family …. English
    he left me with the net worth of myself in his choice to ONLY have a daughter and NOT strive for a son because this nation is our MOTHER land and
    he left me with the conflict of meeting within myself the challenge of being 100% north Indian and 100% south Indian,
    he left me with the total definition to remain an Indian and to believe firmly in remaining with the “not so good and the not so perfect world”
    he left me believing in the people that “betray us” and commit myself without fear to those who “hate us” as Jesus did, because he taught me to forgive my enemies,
    to be gracious to those who spite me and to live with my eyes focussed on Jesus only,
    he left me NOW with the comfort that he has gone before to join my mother and my grandparents, all of them on both sides of my family history, who served Jesus at great cost and served alone and unknown and unsung, both my grandfathers… Rev. Sentu, my maternal grandfather and my “upadesi” (preacher) grandfather, my Papa’s own father.
    he left me NOW with my eyes to those gates which opened for him and for which I wait to open for me,
    he left me until that time to remain with the conviction, the tasks and the responsibilities that he left charge of with me with the firm belief that the God of Covenant, my father, is with me,
    he left me with the spiritual inheritance of which this nation, St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India, JMBC, the UESI are my family… my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties and sons and daughters because our home and lives were always an open home to live for others more than for ourselves,
    AND MOST OF ALL he left me with my hands in the hands of my MASTER … Christ and my GUIDE … the Holy Spirit and MY FATHER GOD.
    Thank you for being there to bid his remains Gooddbye and for ALL the warmest thoughts towards him and with him for my Mother whose life with him was one until now.
    While their remains will rest apart their calling and mission in their lives which was always one because each committed and sacrificed fully to remain together in ALL things material and spiritual will continue together, more so now than ever before.
    THANK YOU ALL for your love and gracious words and thoughts
    THANKS to my four children, SNEHA who travelled and could not reach in time because her flight was rerouted through Sri Lanka but is on her way,
    SHOBHA, who paid for the fare so her brothers could both be there,
    SUSHIL who was and will always be Papa’s son, because Papa remained to be his “Papa” and SID who was his baby and with whom he could not spend much time but always said to his grandpa “Drink enough water. You need it Papa.”
    THANK YOU BISHOP C.V. MATHEW, who has been a “son” to Papa, all the other leaders, pastors and Dr. (Rev) Prasad, JMBC, and the STECI family for standing by my father in these last years,
    THANK YOU Ginny and Bill Maxim,Dr. Roberston McQuilkin, Papa’s class of COLUMBIA BIBLE COLLEGE, now CIU and what you made him to become for the sake of Christ and this nation,

  • Chennai Tyrannus Hall
    December 8, 2010 1:18 am

    Chennai Tyrannus Hall and Sishyashram with profound grief pays its heartfelt gratitude, honour and tribute to the visionary behind the Institute and a great man of God.
    Sishyashram (Discipleship Centre) was very close to the mind of Rev. P.T. Chandapilla and for that purpose he purchased three plots of land in Anna Nagar decades before, and made it an Ashram. Couples used to come from different parts of the world and used to stay there for 1-2 weeks to get emotionally & spiritually nourished and being moulded in the Image of God. Later through the partnership of STECI with Tyrannus Hall International (a ministry of discipleship among the college going students), the Chennai Tyrannus Hall (CTH) was formed and started functioning in 2007. At present there are 16 students staying in CTH and studying in different colleges of the city and are being discipled in Christ so that one day they would become the salt and light in the marketplaces. All… because of this great visionary leader.
    He left behind a legacy which is filled with simplicity, honesty and servant hood. And we pledge that the present and future inmates of the Sishyashram would commit themselves to fulfil the vision that he left behind to transform our nation through Jesus Christ.
    The sincere, simple, servant of the ‘Master Trainer’ had been a couch to many and finished his race leaving behind a great legacy! May the grace of God help us in following his model of being a disciple of Christ Jesus. Amen!
    Aby Alexandar, Resident Staff

  • P. Mohan Babu
    December 8, 2010 1:21 am

    We praise God for the life of beloved Chandapilla atchen. He was a visionary, a missionary and a great leader. We remember his spirit of passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the spreading of His Gospel. He influenced us personally in so many ways and for that we are grateful. And while we miss him, we rejoice that he is Home, with the Servant King.
    P.Mohan Babu

  • Nikhil Masrani
    December 8, 2010 1:25 am

    I had the privilage to meet Very Rev. Chandapilla “BABA” as i called him five to six times at JMBC and had the experience to learn and gain without speaking by just looking at me he taught me many things in his silence and soft, limited words. His person inspired Christ in me. MAY THE LORD REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE.

  • Dr.R.B.Dympep
    December 8, 2010 1:44 am

    We praise God for the life and services of our dear
    Rev.P.T.Chandapilla who had gone to be in eternal rest. His leadership in the UESI will long be remembered and emulated. We pray that God would send many more such leaders in the UESI ministry. Praise God.

  • Life that lived so exemplary and imitated our Lord Jesus Christ’s example in today’s world. I beleive there are many influenced by his life would continue imitating Christ as he did. May God revive UESI to have similar burden and seriousness towards vision and organisation.
    Thanks, Ratna

  • We, Kuwait parish of St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India, express our deepest and heartfelt condolence on the heavenly calling of our beloved Vicar General Very Rev. P.T. Chandapillai Achen. We join with the rest of all other members of STECI, His daughter Mrs. Susan, his Grand children and others around the world to share the sorrow and memories of our beloved Achen.
    Achen will sure remain in our memories. All the praise, honour and glory to the Lord for using his servent mightly in his hands during his life time. As STECI, let us uphold his visions and dreams on our church.

  • Rev. Dr. Augustine A Koshy & Omana A Koshy
    December 8, 2010 2:11 am

    My first meeting with Very Rev. P T Chandapilla was in 1972 in UESI Chennai office. His simple life style and bold statements caught my attention. In number of occasions he was the main speaker for All India Conferences of Operation Mobilization. One message that rings in my heart is on “Servant Leadership” that he spoke in 1981 during OM All India our conference at Mahabaleshwar near Pune.
    His book “Master Trainer” is one of the text books for the training in OM. My favorite book of our beloved Chandapilla Achen is “My Mother My Teacher” where he shares his personal life experiences and training.
    God gave the world this visionary leader and let us move on in fulfilling the dreams that he planted in us.

  • Sophia Abraham
    December 8, 2010 2:15 am

    Living for Christ was his passion.Reaching out to the lost was his aim.Whatever he did was for the glory of GOD.As he has entered his Eternal Home,may his life continue being an inspiration to many around us.We love ya acha.I WILL SURELY MISS UR PRESENCE WHEN I COME TO JMBC.

  • Rev. Dr. Pookkattu Paul, SIM South Africa
    December 8, 2010 2:24 am

    Chandapilla Achen’s radical thinking, transformational leadership and inspiring relations to the nationals and internationals gave me, my wife and children the courage to face the Cross-cultural, pioneering missionary service in South Africa. Achen’s continued prayer and encouragements propelled my family to be involved in STECI through out our ministry in South Africa. My personnel commitment to participate in training men and women for cross-cultural missions and evangelism in JMBC is a joy to me and to my family. Meeting with very Rev. P. T Chandapilla in Chicago, and the formation of the STECI Chicago Parish is a foundational memory in our hearts for eternity. Our heartfelt condolences to Achen’s family, JMBC and STECI.
    Rev. Dr. Pookkattu & Molly Paul, serving in South Africa, with SIM

    December 8, 2010 2:53 am


  • Evg Jai Mathew
    December 8, 2010 2:55 am


  • Betsy Alexander
    December 8, 2010 2:57 am

    The first time I met Chandapilla Achen, I was around 12 years old. He was staying at my Uncle’s house and I happened to be there one morning. He looked at me and was genuinely interested in having a conversation with me. Being 12, I was confused as to how this great man of God wanted to talk to me. He asked me simple questions about my life and then delved into the topic of my salvation. This small incident helped shape a big part of my life and I will forever be grateful to him for that. He was very concerned about the Youth and the outlook of our church. His approach on life, his humility and his love for God’s people will always be remembered.
    – Betsy Alexander
    (Houston Parish)

  • I share the grief of the loss of our dear very own Chandapilla achen. He was a man who has inspired many through his words, preachings and life while he was very active. Even when he was inactive he continued to be the same inspiration.
    I am one of those who have not seen much of the lovely man standing on the stage and delivering sermons with passion and fire and burden for the lost souls of India. I have heard of it more and seen him struggle the last years of his life at JMBC. But the times that I saw him there, was enough to make me realise the greatness of this man of God. I wonder how many of us in our beds, inert, can be such an influence to people around. He was quiet and reserved to himself on the bed but ask him about India and missions he would resurrect his old self and tell us as students to preach Christ to the ends of the country and win India for Christ. Oh boy! what a man!.
    I will always be indebted to him for the passion that he passed on to me. As I have heard that someone said about him “Only eternity will tell what Chandapilla has done for India” and I await that eternity to be able to understand that. And to see him in eternity and to hug him and thank him for his influence in my life.
    Our church has lost a great stalwart and only time will tell of the legacy he has passed on. Let there arise more Chanda’s in our church so that God will be pleased with us.
    Thank you Chandapilla achen

    December 8, 2010 3:17 am

    The Vicar & Members of the St.Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Panvel Parish express deep sorrow and condolences at the passing away of beloved Very Rev. P.T. Chandapilla . Achen’s contributions to the parish will never be forgotten. He was an inspiration to us and instrumental in formation of the parish.
    Psalms 116:15 reads, “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His Saints

  • What a touching moment it is as we all thank God for this Man of God who served God in his generation.
    Life is full of struggles and tensions. It is the way of the cross. But the Lord is our constant companion. He understands us as we are. Chandapilla Achen’s life demonstrate to us that the Lord will carry us through till the end. God is ever faithful.
    In all National and state level programs of UESI he was remembered. And in the staff trainings of UESI the mention of his name is a must. Even this hyears’s batch of staff trainees remembered him. Just now we together thanked God for him.
    I met Achen a couple of times. When I was a student, I met him at Cuttack Missions conference of UESI as a speaker. His life style challenged me a lot. A simple man for the Lord. Then I met him in Pune and I remember his words ” We Malayalees still have a Ministry to do in North India, not in the fore front but our role is supportive from behind to develop North Indians as leaders”.
    And then I visited him at his sick bed at JMBC last year. Many told me that he may not respond or some times he may get irritated because of his sickness. But God gave me and bro. Arul a good time with him. He spoke to us. He asked me how many staff were there in UESI now, etc.
    And now he has finished his race and gone to be with his God for ever ahead of us. He will welcome all of us there when we finish our race.
    It was touching to read his daughter sis. Susan’s words. My heart-felt condolence to her and her children and all who are grieved because of his separation. Praying for all of you for God’s peace.
    Jose Thomas, UESI Personnel Secretary , Chandigarh

  • Abraham Mathew , Panvel
    December 8, 2010 3:46 am

    We express our deep sorrow in passing away of beloved Chandapilla achen. Achens life, teachings and doctrines will be never forgotten by our family, I praise God for his contribution towards Panvel Parish and pray the way he lived on earth continue to inspire future generations.
    Our heartfelt condolences to his family members
    Abraham Mathew & Family

  • Rev. Dr. Augustine A Koshy & Omana A Koshy
    December 8, 2010 3:52 am

    My first meeting with Very Rev. P T Chandapilla was in 1972 in UESI Chennai office. His simple life style and bold statements caught my attention. In number of occasions he was the main speaker for All India Conferences of Operation Mobilization. One message that rings in my heart is on “Servant Leadership” that he spoke in 1981 during OM All India our conference at Mahabaleshwar near Pune.
    His book “Master Trainer” is one of the text books for the training in OM. My favorite book of our beloved Chandapilla Achen is “My Mother My Teacher” where he shares his personal life experiences and training.
    God gave the church this visionary leader and let us move on in fulfilling the dreams that he planted in us.
    Augustine & Omana.

  • Maju Mathew Varghese
    December 8, 2010 4:01 am

    A Visionary Leader who had a vision for the Country and for his people.
    A Selfless Knight who willingly sacrificed for the cause he lived for…
    A Brave Soldier who single handedly fought his battles…
    Thank you Achen for your life and Praise God for showing us an example through Chandapilla Achen.

  • Rev.Prakash Mathew
    December 8, 2010 5:42 am

    As the year 2010 ends with the sad demise of respected Chandappilla Achen I remember some good lessons that I learned from him. In my memory, he still stands under a neem tree with a leaf to teach me about God’s perfection in His doings. He plucked a leaf from the tree and asked me whether it was beautiful. When I said ‘Yes’, he advised me; whatever we do, we should try our level best to do it perfectly, because perfection is God’s image in us. I thank God for all good lessons that I learned from him. I along with Kuwait Parish, we bid tribute to respected Chandappilla achen for he became ever living part of the history of the Christian world.

  • Sathish Simon
    December 8, 2010 6:12 am

    As a staff-worker of UESI It was my dream to learn from our first Staff worker “P.T.Chandapilla.” So in 2001, in Delhi when I met him I invited him to our Leadership Camp and just speak to us. I gave my session to him, and what I heard, and what I saw was “A man with an Undying Vision”….. so beautifully articulated.
    Shalom to his family.
    Sathish & Mini

    December 8, 2010 7:14 am

    KHANPUR parish STECI express our sorrow and condolences at the passing away of very Rev P T Chadapilla achen.As a parish we thank God for Achen’s vision and service to St Thomas Evangelical Church of India.

  • Sunny Mathew, KHANPUR PARISH
    December 8, 2010 7:20 am

    I express my deepest condolences at the passing away of Very. Rev. P.T. Chandapilla. Praise God for this great servant of God.

  • Joseph Jacob (Jose & Laila)
    December 8, 2010 7:53 am

    “AN ORDINARY MAN WHO LIVED AN EXTRA-ORDINARY LIFE!” That’s how we would like to describe Chandapilla Achen (Bro Chanda, to many of us in UESI).
    I had heard about him (during my Agra EU days) before I met him at Charalkunnu during the Consultative Conference prior to UESI-Kerala decentralisation. He sowed in me the seeds of the need to look beyond our immediate boundaries and have a global vision if we were to partner with God to fulfil the Great Commission. (It was a simple request from the floor of the gathering, asking him to speak in Malayalam that ignited the passionate fury of Bro Chanda’s righteous indignation which was visibly demonstrated from the podium in his inimitable style.) This was way back in 1980.
    My close encounter with Chandapilla Achen after that was in 1984, at UESI’s National Missions Conference in Cuttack, Orissa. Dora aunty was also with him where I met her for the first time. I still remember what he told me about moving on further in life. I don’t know what he saw in me to say that. I did move on.
    From 1986 Laila and I had several occasions to interact with the the rest of the family too when we all lived in Pune. But it wasn’t until the period between 2000 and 2004 that we had closer associations with him when he used to come for the General Convention of STECI at Manjady, Tiruvalla. We too lived nearby in Kuttapuzha during that period. I used to attend some sessions of the GC whenever possible. Chandapilla Achen used to take a special interest in inviting me to the meal table to join him along with the guest speakers. If I chose a seat away from the head of the table, he would insist that I go and sit next to him and then only would he begin to eat.
    This bonding between us gave me the privilege to serve him on one occasion when he had to be taken to the Medical Mission Hospital in Tiruvalla. While in the OPD there, he became almost delirious (he was running a fever) and wasn’t even aware of the goings on there. It was a poignant moment for me as I stood beside his bed and watched the helpless condition of a stalwart.
    There lay the man who thumped the lectern and leaped on the stage to communicate as fervently as possible his convictions about God’s mission, probably the only Indian who has addressed the Urbana Missions Convention, stirring the student generation to commit their lives to go out as missionaries and travelled widely across India and the world to challenge his hearers (and readers through his books and other writings) to respond to the God-given mandate of being His ambassadors to fulfil the Great Commission.
    Chandapilla Achen was in such a helpless condition that I had to help him dress up (his favourite khadi dhoti. It’s only Viju Abraham who has a photograph of Bro Chanda in a pair of pants when he lost his suitcase while flying in Europe.) when he had to be transferred to a wheel chair. I considered it as one of my greatest moments of honour when I did that for him. I have not seen him after that, but heard from others like Bro Sathkeerthi Rao, Rev Jacob Thomas (Sunny Achen) and Bishop CV Mathew updates about his deteriorating health. But I know I will see him along with the multitude that will stand before the Lamb and declare together, “Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honour and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen.”
    (Most of my thoughts about him have been very affectionately portrayed by Susan. Thanks Susan for articulating it so clearly at a moment like this. You’ve said it all.)
    From what I’ve been reading in the blogspots and other electronic media about him, all I can affirm with confidence is that the prophetic voice of Chandapilla Achen will continue to reverberate more eloquently than it was during his lifetime because of the immensely influential magnitude of impact he has been able to make in the lives of so many people across the globe. To God be the glory, both now and forever, Amen.

  • UESI Maharashtra
    December 8, 2010 8:23 am

    Dear Bishop Dr C.V Mathew, St Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Rev Dr John M Prasad, Jubilee Memorial Bible College, Sis Susan Chandapilla and other family members, And the bereaved community of friends of the Very Rev P T Chandapilla,
    The news on Rev P T Chandapilla came to us within a few minutes of his passing away on Saturday, 4th December, when we were in Mumbai as a team, working out our plans for the UESI Maharashtra golden jubilee year 2011.
    50 years ago, in 1961, it was our dear Bro. Chanda who with a great vision persuaded Bro T E Koshy to develop the student work in Mumbai (then Bombay) affiliating the Bombay ICEU, and thereby marking the beginning of UESI ministry in the state. Who can ever despise such small beginnings that the Lord had ordained?
    We the UESI community in Maharashtra praises God for such a great servant as Rev P T Chandapilla and the way he has ministered to us and also the UESI family at large in India.
    There are several touching memoirs that come to our mind.
    A couple of years ago, when Rev Basil & Sis Shirly Scott (UESI Staff during the 60s) were visiting India, they were recollecting one of the instances when Bro Chanda, was the General Secretary of UESI during their term as staff. On their placement as staff in New Delhi, even while their train arriving so late, they saw Bro Chanda on his fours mopping their floors and readying their house rented for them. Scotts were speaking this to some of the UESI-Maharashtra staff and graduates, as an example of submission and servant hood while in leadership.
    His life was on open commentary, powerfully exposing the Sermon on the Mount. His teachings, illustrations, thoughtful sense of humour, straightforwardness humility, and deep personal concern for individuals, will continue to inspire us.
    Bro Chanda served God through UESI during and after his tenure to such an extent that we owed to take care of him
    in his old ages. Thank you STECI (and JMBC in particular), for looking after him so well.
    We pray that the Lord may help all of us, his friends, children and grand children in the Lord, to follow in his examples of a life and mission with unflinching commitment to Christ as a disciple.
    Kindly accept our deepest condolences and be assured of our prayers
    In Christ,
    For UESI Maharashtra Leadership Team
    G. Selva Kumar, Sunil D’souza , Billy Sam Varghese & Reji Koshy Daniel

  • Abraham Mathew & Family, Houston, USA
    December 8, 2010 10:02 am

    I and my family express our deepest condolence at the passing away of our dear Chandapilla Achen. It was an honor to have known and ministered with and to achen as our Vicar at the STECI- Fort Mumbai Parish.
    He was a simple man, he was a humble man- but most importantly he was always a man of God. Now, as his work on this earth is done and he has been called home to the Master he so truly loved i’d like to remember a few instances that reflect his simple lifestyle; hoping that in his examples we would all find inspiration.
    -Dressed in a ‘khadi kuppayam’, achen on the many occasions he stayed with us at Mumbai, would request my wife (Jessy) to be gentle with washing his clothes (as they were so old and tattered that there was a real chance of them tearing away if handled roughly).
    -Similarly, I remember an instance while traveling to Malwani (slum out-reach center) with achen, as he asked me to pull-over at a road-side cobbler and get his old plastic ‘chappals’ repaired, even while ensuring that I had no chance trying to pay the cobbler’s fee.
    Such was the greatness of this man who by way of his extraordinarily simple life was able to inspire generations of believers and will continue to challenge us to live more meaningful lives.
    To a servant who loved his Master and a teacher who taught to serve; we offer our respects.
    Abraham Mathew (Joy) & Family (Houston, USA)

  • We fondly remember our dear Chandapilla Achen for his personal advice on Christian life during his brief visit to our home in Delhi in the 90s. He said “You should watch out in your Christian life, if there is no struggle at all”! True to his word, he spent all his life braving difficulties one after another, with the firm belief that his walk with the LORD is in progress. With a true sense of admiration and gratitude for his life and testimony, we bow before the LORD and thank Him joyfully for Achen’s departure, which has in fact advanced his dream of resting in his Master’s bosom. May our Good LORD bless Rev. John M. Prasad and others at JMBC who looked after Achen in his fragile state of health.

    December 8, 2010 10:34 am


  • I met Rev. P.T Chandapilla when I was a Teenager during STECI Camps at Pulluvazhi. His messages were well inspired and motive to be a witness in the college.
    Our condolence to his family
    Jose K John & Family, Bahrain

  • Dear achen was always my Inspiration and achen encouraged me to be in full time ministry. Heart felt condolences. Roby and Anila, Kalina, Mumbai

  • Chris Williams
    December 8, 2010 12:12 pm

    I was touched by brother Chanda when I was in my late teens and in my early years as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. His life-style, his style and fearless preaching and deep interest in me as a person and in the things that the Lord Jesus was leading me in ministry will never be forgotten. Often I heard him say he was a failure and he had his short-comings but he will always be to me an exemplary disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. He imparted to me a love for Jesus Christ, the Bible, the Church and India. I am grateful for the life of this dear man of God.

  • Roland Oscarsson
    December 8, 2010 1:35 pm

    I met bro Chandapilla as a young missionary in India. His simplicity coupled with an unusual insight both into the Word of God and human nature, plus his humility in his walk with Christ all made a deep impression on me.
    I remember once I was in two minds whether to stay on and minister in India. “If you are doubtful, then go home”, he said straightforwardly. It forced me to think through my calling once more, and I ended up more committed to stay on.
    Bro Chandapilla’s memory will stay in my heart, and I know he also made a deep impact on so many in his beloved motherland. My sincere greetings and love to those who are close to him!

  • I am grieved to know about the death of Bro. Chandapilla. I used to hear about him from my late wife Enid Kumar. He mentored her in the begining years of her association with EGF and EU. I still remember her comments about him that he would write a post card to her every day. This was one of the ways he mentored and encouraged her. My first meeting with him was at our home in Lucknow when my late wife was pregnant. I remember him laying his hands on her to pray. Later the Lord blessed us with a wonderful son. I can’t wait to be in the place where Bro. Chandapilla is right now (Phi 1:23)

  • Rev. Ashwin B. Macwan
    December 9, 2010 5:04 am

    It was a great time with Rev. Chandapilla at Nagpur – UESI 20th Anniversary Conference and then again and again we met at different places but i found this Man of God with a clear Vision to raise Christian leadership at all levels and in all spheres of life in India. As a result I too was blessed as Gujarat EGF Staff and now as District Superintendent of Methodist Church in Gujarat . I encourage Su and the Extended Family at large that He is with the Lord will come along with the Lord to take us into glory or if we depart we know that the assurance thast he is in the presence of the Lord.
    May God Bless You.
    Rev. Ashwin B. Macwan
    District Superintendent,
    Kathlal Dist.

  • J. Lalitha Catherine, CIM
    December 9, 2010 8:01 am

    I was privileged to be the Office Secretary of Rev. P.T. Chandapilla, the founder and Gen. Secretary of FECI.
    He personally interviewed me and appointed me in FECI.
    When I heard about his health problems at the end of his life on earth, my memories went back by 25 years. I can never forget the love and concern Rev. Chandapilla and Dora Aunty showed me. I always thanked my Lord for giving me the opportunity to work with him.
    A man of God and a good mentor. Till today I feel I was really blessed. He took special interest and burden in building Sishyshram in Chennai.
    I praise God for his life and legacy which can never fade from our memory. My heartfelt condolences especially to his family members and the members of STECI

  • We do express deep condolence to Rev.Dr. Chandapilla Achen’s family. throughout his years and old age, Achen had sought friendship and fellowship with God, and his words were weighty with truth. people knew him to be a servant of God.

  • Andriyas Singh
    December 9, 2010 1:05 pm

    UESI family is proud of having such Godly man like Rev. P.T.Chandapilla who lived and preached the Gospel so powerfully. We need more of Bro. Chandapilla with such dedication and love for the Lord.

  • Rajesh George
    December 9, 2010 1:55 pm

    Dear Rt. Rev. Dr. C.V. Mathew Bishop and Rev. John M Prasad Achen,
    I d never had chance to meet Chandapilla Achen personally, But he is still alive in me through his books- Master trainer and Servant and thro the history of UESI. Even i had a rare opportunity to act as chandapilla achen in skits in several UESI camps.
    UESI constituency will never be able to forget this SERVANT of God. Every UESI member will remember Him as long as UESI exists because we cannot tell the history of UESI without Rev. Chanda.
    He left us with a legacy and now its the challenge before us to follow the Servant-in words and deeds.
    May God continue to console his daughter and dear ones.
    Rajesh & SIssana, UESI Staff Workers based at Thrissur (Kerala)

  • Dr Abraham B Meleth
    December 9, 2010 11:18 pm

    Even though I personally have no direct interaction with Rev.Chandapilla, I heard a lot about him.Surely he was in a stage of ‘After glow” enjoying the fruits of his Labour.Praise the Lord

  • We praise God for the life and testimony of Bro Chandapilla, the man of God, who gave his whole life for the transformation and spiritual development of the students. He was the first General Secretary of UESI and was instrumental in developing the UESI ministry across India. As Union of Evangelical Students of India, we are grateful to the Lord for the vision and leadership, the commitment and contribution of Bro Chanda, in the development of UESI ministry. While his death is an immense loss to UESI and to the cause of the Gospel, his life will continue to be an inspiration for thousands of students graduates and staff workers across India for many generations.
    He was a man who inspired and influenced thousands of students and graduates through his powerful words, thundering messages and above all, his simple lifestyle. He was a man who stirred the students community to commit their lives to go out as missionaries.
    What makes him a remarkable leader is his simple life style and enduring concern for the ‘quality’ of EUs and EU students. His strong sense of Christian values and firm convictions on integrity makes him a hero for many. It’s true, leadership is not about doing what’s easy; it’s about doing what’s right. He stood for doing what’s right.
    Courageous and purposeful, Bro Chandapilla was a powerful preacher of the Word of God, in season and out of season. His leadership of the UESI movement was defined by an unwavering concern for ‘quality’ of EU students and a lofty vision for God’s mission. UESI is greatly indebted to him for the vision and direction he gave to the student movement and the tireless travel he undertook to EU groups across the country, challenging the students to be the disciples of Jesus Christ. He is the one who formulated the policies of UESI along with Dr.Sterret and Prof. H Enock with clear thinking and clarity. He gave a clear direction to UESI in its beginning days. He authored some books such as ‘A Grain of Wheat’, ‘My Mother, My Teacher’ and ‘The Master Trainer’. He was a key Speaker at the Urbana Conference, USA in 1964 along with Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. John Stott. His writings and his powerful speeches made a lasting impact on the entire UESI constituency. No doubt, UESI family is extremely proud of having such saintly men like Rev. P.T.Chandapilla who lived and preached the Gospel so powerfully and effectively.
    His influence over the UESI constituency is phenomenal and his servant leadership is a model to be emulated by everyone. He left us with a noble legacy and now it’s a challenge before each one of us to follow his lifestyle and examples. Indeed, he was a noble man with clear vision and a noble mission for God. Bro Chanda knew very well that “There is only one life, it will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last”.
    The entire UESI family stands in awe and salutes this great servant of God, honoring his life, his teachings and his ideals.
    John Samuel
    Secretary, UESI
    On behalf of UESI Executive committee

  • Arisi S.J. Swamidas
    December 10, 2010 2:23 pm

    I met Bro. P.T. Chandapilla, first in (January) 1960, in the UESI National Committee meeting held at Dr. Daniel Sunderaraj’s home. Being the General Secretary of UESI, and with foreign qualifications, I expected to see a man neatly dressed with pant and suit; but I saw a man with Indian khadi dress, but with a great force of personality.
    That first encounter with “Bro. P.T. Chanda”, as we lovingly called him, remained in my memory lifelong, and I along with many UESI graduates of my time, adopted his simple lifestyle as ours. Over the years we had met and chatted with one another so many times. He became a model for our lives, and many of his messages and personal advices have been ringing in my memory over and over again throughout my life till date; I can say the same thing about my wife who worked with him very closely as a member of UESI office staff.
    We have seen many sides of him, and in spite of not fully agreeing with a few of them, I can say that he was a whole-hearted Christian whose life can be emulated by all of those who desire to serve Jesus Christ in this great nation of India. My wife and I still remember his counsel to us regarding a Christ-centered and happy married life, that in spite of having differences between us as husband and wife, we should never go to sleep without coming together daily in prayer before God, and resolving our differences. We have followed this advice in our lives and still do the same.
    In his death we have lost a very great Christian leader; but we are happy to see that he has produced hundreds and hundreds of graduate leaders who follow his advices and have grasped his vision for India as theirs. In seeing this the soul of Bro. P.T. Chanda will be satisfied and be contented and restful. My only disappointment is that we see very few of our younger graduates knowing about his simple and imposing lifestyle and personality and following it: I wish and pray that UESI and the Church of Jesus Christ in India will know more about him and his lifestyle and adopt them as theirs, as they serve in our nation.
    Our prayers are with his daughter Susan (who wrote an apt and moving eulogy about him and his life), whom we know from her childhood days, and her children that God the great comforter will comfort them during this time of great loss, sorrow and grief. With deep sympathies and prayers,
    Melly (nee Doraiswamy) and Swamidas (A.S.J.)

  • I have never seen a person like Chandapilla Achen who lived with a simple life style and influnced many at this point of time. With his prophetic voice and challeging messages he attracted many to Christ. God’s anoniting was obvious in his life. It is a great loss for STECI and for all churches but I pray that God may raise more Chandappilla Achens for this generations…Christian ministry in India needs leaders like him to challenge the world with God’s Word. Messages I have listen will never forget and His love for Jesus and Passion he had for Christ…Yes We greatlly miss him…

  • Susan santhi Thomas
    December 11, 2010 4:50 am

    Our Beloved Chandapilla achan has reached home and I can visualize him with our Savior happy and healthy. Our condolences and prayers for achans daughter and family.
    We have known him as an EU leader than as an achan of evangelical church of India. Thousands of youth were touched by his speech and accepted Christ as their personal savior. Many youth leaders were raised and sent to all over the world. He was leader who loved young people; he gets excited by the presence of young people. I had the opportunity of listening to him through EU meetings in CMCH Vellore. Had an opportunity to host him and coachman for a day.
    He loved India and the young people in India. Praying God would raise another leader like chandapilla achan for India and for the youth of evangelical church of India.
    For the Lord has commanded us ‘I have set you as a light to the gentiles, that you should be for salvation too the ends of the earth.’ – (Acts 13-47).
    Praise God for his life and praying for his family.


  • Dr.Mathew Finny
    December 11, 2010 7:28 am

    I first knew him,when I was a college lecturer in the university of Indore (Madhya pradesh). I remember him speaking in an EGFCamp in Indore based on the life of Esther . The challenge he made to me to be useful for the evangelisation of our motherland was very very poweful . One decision I made was to stay on in India and not to try to go to west to seek better standard of living, and be part of the ministry to the unreached in India. I am glad I made that decision and stuck to it. I praise God for leaders like him,for the servant leadership model and his simple life style.I am sure he made similar impact in the life of many others, including my son who decided to be a missionary Dr in Bihar.

  • Mike and Beth Kegler-Gray
    December 11, 2010 10:30 pm

    We will always remember our beloved “Chanda” as he allowed us to call him. Such fond memories of when we first arrived with Bible Study Fellowship International in 1993 and toured us to places in Kerala with our co-workers and our 4 children to all the places that he felt we needed to see to understand his vision for India. He had such a great love for his country and convinced BSF International that it must indeed come to his country….and it did! His love for God was so inspirational, he touched our family deeply.

  • I met Rev. PT Chandapilla (Chanda) for the first time in 1986. I had heard so many great things about him and his influence on the Pastors of the Churches in Pune and in other cities loomed large. I have eaten meals at his home and enjoyed his hospitality with his beloved wife and daughter Susan and his grandchildren. He was a very soft-spoken and humble man and he always looked on me with kindly grace, of one who understands the precociousness of the youth. I regret to say that I was barely in my teens but I know that the men who influenced my life in the Church were shaped by passion and thinking nurtured in them by Chanda, during the time He spent with them. The world needs more more like him and especially Christians – we will no doubt understand his influence more when our children ask for our advice and the value of our convictions. I thank God for him and his family and my prayers go out for them.

  • K.Sudhakar Rao
    December 13, 2010 4:02 am

    I have not personally seen Rev. Chandapilla but I was benefited much by his books .As a member of UESI-AP family I was very indebted to UESI which nurtured by him along with Dr. Enoch and Dr. Sterret. On behalf of UESI-AP Family I extend rich tributes.
    K. Sudhakar Rao
    State secretary

  • What to say about Bro Chanda. If you ever met him,He shaked you, he shocked you and He shattered you and your half truths about Jesus. I only wish that we had said all the good things that we are saying while he was alive! I had the privilage of standing with this wild misunderstood man of God when he was broken and had no shoulder to cry. He will remain as some one who still speaks in the hearts of those who knew him. laji.

  • I remember my 12th birthday on May 6, 1967. Our sabha was very active in Niranan center during those days and a week long centre meeting was going on then. Chandapilla Achen (not a Clergy then) in his full length khadi kurta walked into our house in the morning, called me near him. I wa so glad that Achen took out an expensive Bible from his cloth bag, gifted and prayed for me with whole family. Though I could visit Achen few times, recently my Oct visit alongwith rev varghese philip is memorable. Achen will be in my memories too.

  • My condolences to Susan and the children and all the others of Uncle Chanda’s family. But I rejoice that he is now with our Lord never to suffer again.
    I have known Uncle Chanda since the 70s when he lived at Anna Nagar and I was introduced to him by my friend Tom Matthew.
    I count Uncle Chanda as my father in the faith, the person who took the time to clarify and challenge my faith.
    It was around 92-93 that I received a call from Uncle Chanda, telling me as only he could do, that he was coming home that evening for dinner and that he wanted me to meet some friends of his. The friends turned out to be David and Gennelle Pipes who he had invited to India through BSF. The rest is history.
    The first BSF classes for men and women were soon set up in Chennai
    More than 14 BSF classes have sprung up since then and over 15 years later, one can only guess at the number of lives that have been impacted by the study of Gods word through BSF. And we owe it all to this Servant of God, Uncle Chanda, who made it his business to see that BSF came to India.
    I owe so much to Uncle Chanda and thank God for allowing our paths to cross.

  • Susan D'Souza-Chandapilla
    December 14, 2010 5:23 pm

    I have been visiting this page every morning and evening…to see the faces of ALL those who have been blessed by the life of my father and my mother, “Brother Chanda” and “Sister Dora” as they were called and later as “Achen” and “Kochamma”!
    I want to thank all those who have taken the time to share their love for my father and mother. It has been a great comfort knowing that so much has been said in appreciation of what the Lord has done through them in so many of us.
    Friends like Sean and Mony and aunty Melli and Uncle Swamidos and so many others who bring back vivid and loving memories over the past 40 years and on into the last 15 years of our lives…are very precious memories.
    I have taken this occassion to thank all of you who have blessed us today in the kind rememberances shared.
    My father’s passing on to his eternal home to join my mother has brought a few very important messages to me which I want to share with all of you.
    Firstly, he lived to conquer death in all that he did because his life was not lived for the day then, of the past but for this time after he had passed on, and to remember this common sharing of life and our experiences because of what he has endowed.
    Secondly, both my parents kept an “open home” because of which all of those who came through this home shared of the “life” in this home and were a part of the family, none were strangers.
    Thirdly, the life of my parents and their love for the UESI, of the staff family which included Uncle and Anuthy Enoch, Uncle Sterret and Aunty, Larry their son and Anne, Uncle Verghese and Aunty Saramma, Uncle Sthkeerthi Rao and Aunty Cecilia,the children, and ALL of the family which grew on from then to what it is today, each name mentioned and those not mentioned for want of space and time, the greater family of the EU and the EGF… and then
    Fourthly, the EFI family, the FECI family, and
    Fifth, the STECI and JMBC where he came to his final rest have all been a part of this journey and his attempt to see JESUS in all situations, his victories and his apparent losses which were his inherent sacrifices along with my mother of lives well lived!
    I am praying and hope that there will be the possibility of creating a meeting ground for all those who may seek to find a continuing word of encouragement, a family to belong to, a vision to share and encourage and keep for Christ in this nation through anywhere and to continue in the challenge to love India as my parents loved and lived to serve, and as Christ would have us do…
    Therefore, I invite those of you who would like to become a part of this inheritence to share and build this “life” in each of us to feel free to share and contact me on my personal mail ID: This will surely help us keep the torch alive!
    Thank you for your prayers and comfort and I hope that the Lord will provide an opportunity for us to continue in this love and faith which we have shared here because of Papa and Mama and their shared lives with each of us. THANK YOU.

  • Hi Susan:
    Some how my email to you ( at the above email id) gets bounced back! Please double check.
    Take care,
    JM (

  • Rev P. T. Chandapilla, or Uncle Chanda as I used to call him, was a man who shunned the pedestal and publicity, a humble man. Once when I asked him why he was using a bicycle as his means of transportation, his answer was that as long as his average fellow Indian could only use a bicycle he would choose a bicycle. This was at a time he could use a car and when his contemporaries used cars. This was at a time when he had offers for ministry positions from Christian organizations from around the world. That sense of humility personified this man of God. I never saw him harried or hurried, yet he accomplished much. He would always find time for you. In my early years as a Christian I would land up at his home at odd hours and he would always make me feel at home. Even if he was at a meal, he would either ask me to join him, or he would join me soon after. All this even though I was not a part of UESI or STECI! His devotion to his wife Dora (Aunty Dora), and the love they showed each other were examples to me. His ‘momentary light affliction’ is over. He is now in the presence of the Lord, enjoying his rewards and rejoicing in his glorified state. I look forward to the time when I can share with him in his joy.
    My condolences to Susan and the family.

  • When I look for a man like Jesus, I always remember my friend Rev P.T. Chandapilla!


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